Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Garage Floor coating in winter

We received a flurry of cold-weather questions recently due to the cold snap hitting across the USA. We have good news for you weekend warriors tackling those garage coating projects during mother nature's nastiest months.

Fact: concrete floor coatings take the temperature of the substrate (not the air) almost immediately.
Fact: standard epoxy coatings will cure in colder weather, they will take longer to cure
Fact: Poly-Aspartic coatings will cure in really cold weather with little change in cure time

One of our recent customers, John from Minnesota, let me know that he applied our HD-707 High Build epoxy coating in a 40 degree garage and he did not have any issues with curing, not even at the door edge.

Another customer, Micky from Pittsburgh, applied our HD-344 Poly-Aspartic in a 17 degree garage. He applied (2) base coats with a clear top-coat and completed the project in one day!!

Therefore, don't hold back, hit those floors and let it shine!!
Contact Legacy Industrial for more information: 908-269-8300 or CLICK HERE

Monday, December 27, 2010

Cold Weather Floor Coatings

Need to coat concrete in the cold? Legacy Industrial has the solution.
Legacy Industrial known for specialty "purpose built" coatings has announced the arrival of it's latest innovation; Poly-Aspartic Coating HD-344.

Legacy's poly-aspartic urethane coating, HD-344, is the ideal product for cold weather coating projects. Generally, these are out buildings, garages or hangars.

When the temperature dips below 45 degrees f all common epoxies turn to maple-syrup consistency and are very hard to work with. When you need a product that can take you down into the teens, you are talking Legacy's poly-aspartic floor coating, HD-344.

Please contact Legacy Industrial @ 908-269-8300 for more information.
CLICK HERE for more info

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Revolutionary Burnisher with StainGuard

Legacy Industrial, creator of the industry standard HD-7936 Concrete Lithium Densifier, is promoting the integration of a companion product, HD-7940 Burnisher with StainGuard.

Concrete polishers and counter-top manufacturers should look into using a concrete burnishing agent when completing a fine polished masterpiece.

Burnishing agents entitle the surface to superior sheen characteristics and the ultimate in stain protection. Stains plague pigmented and polished floors as there is no "touch-up" readily available for these floors.

Superior floors use superior products. Make your floors "pop" and keep popping.

Contact: Legacy Industrial for more information

Monday, November 22, 2010

Concrete Counter Top Polishing

Grinding and Polishing the Concrete Counter Top

There are many possibilities for finishing the counter top. The simplest is to do no grinding at all but to simply slurry in any pinholes or voids that there may be on the top surface of the counter top and then to polish the concrete starting with a 200 grit diamond polishing pad.

The other option is to grind the surface to expose the aggregates (rocks and sands) within the mix. By grinding with a 50 grit diamond polishing pad the larger aggregates can be exposed. By starting with 100 grit, the sands can be exposed. It is a matter of taste as to what looks best. With a practice piece it is possible to try different styles in different parts of the same concrete slab.

If the decision is to expose the aggregate, start the wet grinding two days after the slab is flipped out of its mold. If the piece will only be polished wait for day five.


All grinding is done with water streaming onto the counter top. There are a few ways to accomplish this. If a water-fed grinder is not being used one method for keeping the surface water fed is to poke holes in the bottom of a large plastic container (a large vinegar container works well), place it on the counter top and feed a hose into the opening with the water trickling in. A constant stream of water will wash out of the bottom holes onto the counter top.

For exposing the rocks, work slowly with a 50 grit circular diamond pad attached to the grinder across all areas of the surface until the desired aggregate exposure is obtained. Switch to a 100 grit pad and repeat the process until the desired finish is achieved. Hose off the surface well. Slurrying can be done the next day.

Find concrete densifiers, stains and polishing discs:

Epoxy Coating Tips

How to Install Epoxy Flooring

If you are looking to protect your floor surface, you should probably consider an epoxy flooring option. Epoxy flooring, or epoxy floor coating, can be used on many different types of surfaces including concrete, steel or wood. However, for a lasting floor surface, you need to be sure to make the proper preparations of both the garage floor surface and the epoxy floor paint.

You may be wondering exactly what epoxy is in the first place. Epoxies are polymers that use a chemical reaction to change from a liquid to a solid. They are ideal for flooring because they are resistant to degradation as a solid and extremely adhesive as they convert from liquid to solid. An epoxy floor system contains resins and hardeners. These two components are combined to create a rigid plastic material and cannot be reverted to their original forms. Once in this form, epoxies can be used for a variety of purposes including adhesives, coatings and other composite materials such as carbon fiber or glass-reinforced plastic.

Epoxy may or may not be the only element in your flooring materials. For instance, you can coat your garage floor with epoxy floor coating meaning it has less than three layers of epoxy materials or create an epoxy garage floor coating made from multiple layers of epoxy materials and has the thickness of a regular floor surface.

Although epoxy flooring can be used on concrete, steel and wood, it actually works best on concrete. However, special care must be given when installing epoxy on a concrete surface since the performance of the coating is directly affected by its preparation. If you do not take the proper steps and precautions in preparing your surface, it could have adverse effect on the lifetime of your floor. Once you have determined your needs, there are at least nine steps you need to follow when installing your epoxy flooring. They include:

1. You must begin by examining your surface. If you find inhibiting substances such as curing materials, dirt, efflorescence, grease or other already existing sealers, you must remove them before proceeding.

2. Next, you must test the concrete. A simple water drop test will suffice. If you are using new concrete, remember that it must be cured for at least 28 days at a suitable temperature before you can work with it.

3. You must clean your uncoated concrete by removing any chemicals, grease or oil that may be on the surface.

4. Remove any painting on the surface, especially if it is peeling or deteriorating in any way.

5. At this point, you may repair any defective surfaces by removing concrete, filling holes or performing any other procedure to perfect the concrete’s surface.

6. The concrete surface may require shot blasting, particularly if you need to roughen the surface. This is a typical procedure before applying coatings, polymer overlays or sealers.

7. In some cases, diamond grinding may be necessary. In this procedure, you will remove coatings or deposits and reduce or remove a smooth surface profile.

8. The next step is scarification. This method utilizes the rotary action of cutters, or tooth washers, to hit the surface at a right angle, causing the concrete’s top surface to fracture and leave a clean surface.

9. Last, you must perform acid etching, applying an acid solution to the concrete that will react with or “etch” the concrete. This process is not as popular as shot blasting but is still acceptable.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Diamond Grind/Polish Tools now at Legacy Industrial

Legacy Industrial, maunfacturer of the legendary HD-7936 Concrete Densifier, is now offering a new line of diamond grind/polish pads and tools.

From an American factory in the deep south, these excellent tools are ready to help you tackle those tough concrete flooring jobs with ease. These are pro-grade tools and will not fail like those internet specials.

You can count on Legacy Industrial to bring you the best materials and tools for diamond grinding and polishing concrete floors.

For more information: Legacy Industrial- just click!

Friday, November 12, 2010

FREE SHIPPING Concrete Densifier, Epoxy Coatings

Legacy Industrial, manufacturer of the now famous, HD-7936 Concrete Densifier is proud to announce that starting Friday November 11th 2011, all products will include free shipping when ordered directly from the customer's web-site store.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HD-36 Concrete Densifier fastest absorbtion rate

Legacy Industrial's extremely absorbent penetrating lithium densifier HD-36 has been recently awarded the prestigious rank of most penetrative sealer, by a third party testing facility in the Mid-West.

Several lithium and colloidal silicate based densifiers were tested in this head to head competition.
The base testing was performed on concrete countertops. Criteria ranged from timed rate of absorbtion with and without agitation, depth of penetration and density testing.

HD-36 excelled at all the tests, in fact the lab technician was in disbelief of the vast difference when the individual product data was compared across the board.

In summary, this lithium based concrete densifier is still the lowest priced, highest quality densifier on the market. Results will be published in an upcoming issue of Concrete Polishing Contractor Forum Magazine. Contact Legacy Industrial at 908-269-8300 or

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

HD-7936 Concrete Densifier now easy pour!!

Legacy Industrial, supplier of the "workhorse" concrete densifier HD-7936 is proud to announce that all Legacy Industrial densifiers and polishing aides will be available in new easy pour containers.
  • One gallon sizes are now packaged in easy pour poly-jugs.
  • Five gallon sizes will have an easy to pour pull-up spout
  • 50 gallon drums are have a quick-port for your crank pump
Concrete acid stains are already and will continue to be packaged in "easy pour" containers.
For more information regarding these concrete densifiers or concrete stains, contact Rhonda Engle at Legacy Industrial,

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Repairing concrete floor cracks with HD-821

Legacy Industrial's HD-821 Gel Crack Filler is the easiest way to pre-fill cracks and bug-holes in concrete. This strong yet flexible material is available in quart and gallon kits.

This is a one to one mixed product. Therefore, use what you need and save some for later repairs. Use a piece of paneling or scrap plywood to mix on. A margin trowel or spackle knife is good for mixing.

Grab a dollop of A and equal amount of B. Only take what you can install in 15 minutes.

Mix the (2) dollops until an even color is reached.

Spread into the crack or bug-hole using the margin trowel or spackle knife.
If you are going to coat the repair, leave as is. If you will not coat, excess can be scraped of with a razor-scraper once the product has tacked off.

Go to for more information,

Concrete Floor Repair using epoxy patch material HD-110

Repairing concrete floors is easy when you use the right stuff. Legacy Industrial's HD-110 Concrete Repair Patch is documented in this post. It's ability to make permanent repairs without shrinkage or cracking is unmatched. Use prior to coating with epoxy or stand-alone.
NOTE: Legacy's other formulas will install similar to the HD-110 pictured.
This includes: HD-124, 128,  and 130 repair products.

Prep the area by knocking out any loose material, vacuum or broom dust/debris.

Open the kit. Remove the contents, place the silica aggregate into a spare bucket (blue bucket shown). Make sure you have a steel trowel, mixing drill and mixing wand/attachment.

Pour the A & B into the steel can, mix for 3 minutes (use this procedure for all epoxy coatings too)

Once resins are mixed properly, pour silica aggregate into container. Use more aggregate for deep repair, use less aggregate for shallow repair.

Make sure all the aggregate is wet.

Get ready to apply the material, if you used most of the aggregate the material will be of a peanut butter consistency.

Apply strong pressure to the trowel, pushing the material into the repair area.

Smooth the surface as you would with cement. Hit your trowel with some "Windex" on the last stroke, it will really smooth out and will shed any resin sticking to the steel.

Your repair can be walked on 6-8 hours and driven on in 24 hours. Legacy Industrial offers several versions of this product for these applications: heavy duty, chemical resisitant, extreme chemical resistance, cold weather, cooler duty, freezer duty, food grade and economy blend.
Go to: for more info.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Concrete densifier available on Google Shopping

Legacy Industrial is happy to announce a new presence on Google Shopping, formerly, Froogle.
Concrete densifier, concrete acid stain and concrete repair kits are all available through this excellent service.

Google shopping affords web surfers the ability to compare products much faster then conventional methods. You can request products by manufacturer, proximity to your locale and most importantly: by price.

Legacy Industrial is the world's foremost supplier of concrete densifier, stain and concrete repair products in the world. Visit Google Shopping or Legacy Industrial for more information.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Concrete densifier manufacturer offers stain sample kits

Legacy Industrial, leading supplier of concrete densifier and concrete polishing products added a helpful sample kit to the Legacy Industrial web-site and general product line.

Why mess around?

Order this kit and make your mistakes on a small scale or prepare a sample tile for your prospective customer. This easy to use kit also includes a free bottle of water based sealer as well.

As always, shipping and advice is free with Legacy!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Least expensive concrete densifiers by Legacy Industrial

Legacy Industrial offers some of the least expensive concrete densifiers including free shipping. Imagine that, concrete densifier with free shipping. No, that's not cheap densifier, that's a deal!

This means that niche polishers, concrete artisans, counter top and concrete furniture manufacturers can all enjoy the high quality Legacy line of maximum lithium content concrete densifiers.

Contact Legacy Industrial today to find out how you can start saving money on your next project.

Concrete Densifier comparison of lithium content

This research was performed to expose the need for independent testing of densifier products and to highlight manufacturers that offer transparent access to key product facts.

We advise all consumers to request more information regarding dilution schedules, solids content and lithium content.

Concrete densifier products were not rated for performance.

Products compared: Liqui-Hard, Xtreme Hard, Lithium Densifier Formula One MP, Concrete Denisifer HD-7936, Concrete Densifier 7938 and SealHard.

Concrete dye now available at Legacy Industrial.

Legacy Industrial, a major manufacturer of concrete densifier, now offers a full line of concrete pigments including concrete dye powder. Legacy enters this market in the shadow of companies like Direct Colors, Inc. and Davis Colors.

This concrete dye is obtained via Legacy's easy to use web-site, Legacy Industrial offers the concrete dye in 35 different colors. This range allows the user a myriad of choices and color combination's.

In addition to concrete dye and concrete densifer Legacy offers the following concrete products:
  • Concrete Repair Kits
  • Polishing Grout
  • Concrete sealer
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Non-Skid coatings
  • Tools and accessories
It's important to remember that all stained or dyed concrete surfaces need to be sealed or densified. Applying concrete lithium densifier strengthens the concrete surface, cutting down on dusting, efflorescence, and freeze/thaw issues.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Several customers have asked about staining/dyeing concrete this week. They wanted to know the basics without searching half a dozen posts on the internet. Here it is, the very basics...

Staining Concrete Floors (adding color)
If you are planning a concrete slab project, indoors or outdoors, and you want to add colors consider adding dry dye to your mix. This is the easiest method.
  • Add your powder dye to your bag mix
  • Have your redi-mix truck driver add powder dye
  • Remember to seal when done, it will protect your color from fading
If you have an existing slab and want to make it fabulous...
  • Apply an acid concrete stain (using a plastic sprayer)
  • Apply an acetone dye (using an acetone sprayer)
Lastly, quick usage summary for these stains,

Acid Concrete Stain:
Order over internet, arrives at your house/business ready to be sprayed onto your slab(gallon form). Fill a plastic sprayer and begin spraying the slab, if hot moisten surface with water, add a mist of water if it is drying too fast (staining process stops if stain dries out). It will etch your slab sightly which will benefit you when you spray the stained concrete with acrylic sealer. Neutralize with baking soda once complete, allow to fully dry and seal. Be careful using this around people and metals, this is an acid, use appropriate PPD. CLICK HERE for complete instructions.

Acetone Dye:
Order over internet, arrives at your house/business in dry powder form. Go to hardware store, purchase acetone. Mix acetone with dry powder, place in special acetone sprayer. Apply to slab. Be careful not to bring acetone around ignition source, spark or flame, VOLATILE STUFF!!!
Seal once complete.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Polishing your concrete garage floor

The "Man Cave" is getting a new look these days. Customers are reaching for the concrete densifier instead of the epoxy coating. The days of multi-colored flake, colored quartz and battleship gray are fading fast.

Homeowners want a smart looking garage floor that is low maintenance. They want a polished concrete floor.


  • no re-coating
  • will not peel or flake
  • impervious to hydrostatic pressures
  • resistant to gas and oil
  • relatively new technology (for homeowners)
Get on the path to the future, get your garage floor polished.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The truth about polyaspartic coatings

Polyaspartic coatings are new to the concrete floor scene. We have seen much misinformation about them and I wanted to set the record straight.

  • Fast Cure, One day turnaround for a (2) coat system
  • Good chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Capable of accepting paint chips or quartz sands
  • Able to use in cool temperatures
  • Good UV resistance
  • Not for beginners
  • Cure can be too fast for some climates (hot)
  • Subject to hydrostatic pressures, like epoxies
If you make your living applying floor coatings, you should be all over the polyaspartic movement. It is opening doors to flooring applications that were closed before.
You can find more info at

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall is around the corner, seal those floors!!

Hints of fall have started to hit our area of the country (Northeast US).
It won't be long before the days will be short, nights long and cold on the way.

I mention this because it's too often we have customers wait too long to coat floors in non-heated structures IE: Garages. Epoxy coatings cure best at 68- 70 degrees and most were designed for this range. When the temperature begins to dip below 45 degrees, coatings remain open or uncured too long, causing issues with adhesion and top-coating. Remember, concrete slabs take a long time to heat up, it can take a few days to raise 10 degrees!! Coatings immediately take the temperature of the substrate, not the air.

Don't leave your project to chance. Take advantage of this terrific coating weather and get the job done, you'll be glad you did.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sealing concrete floors...a few tips.

We talk to at least (4) people a day asking for a "sealer" for concrete.
Some folks want this for a garage, shop floor, warehouse, etc....

We have this down to a science and will attempt to illustrate the different types of sealers available.
There are (3) main types of concrete sealer with pros/cons to all.

  1. Lithium Based Concrete Densifier
  2. Water Based Urethane Sealer
  3. Clear Epoxy Sealer
Lithium Based Concrete Waterproofer/Densifier
  • Least expensive, as little as .09 per sq ft.
  • Easy application, single component product
  • Protects against dusting
  • Repels water
  • Indoors/Outdoors
  • Does not repel oils, fuels, etc...
Water Based Urethane Sealer
  • Around .85 per sq ft.
  • Easy application, single component product
  • Protects against dusting, stains
  • Repels water
  • Indoors/Outdoors
  • Will repel oils/acids or fuels, but not for long
Clear Epoxy Sealer

  • 2.00 per sq ft.
  • A little more involved application, dual component product
  • Protects against dusting
  • Repels water
  • Indoors Only
  • Good resistance to gas, oil, fuels, acids
  • Impact resistant
Therefore, when "sealing" your concrete, consider these differences.
These products can be researched further at
They offer free advice.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Concrete Densifier, Lithium

A concrete densifier is a chemical applied to a concrete surface in order to fill pores, increasing surface density. Chemical densifiers are used on polished and non-polished concrete to reduce dusting and wear; on polished concrete surfaces densifiers help concrete take a better polish and make the surface less permeable to liquids so the slab does not require sealing.

Polished concrete

Concrete polishing uses densifiers to achieve a better shine. Polishing works by smoothing out peaks and valleys in the surface; if the concrete is not strong enough, this abrasion will remove micro-chunks that decrease the surface uniformity and quality of shine. Concrete surfaces face two major obstacles to polishing: bleed water and pores.

Excess water in newly placed concrete rises to the surface. This bleed water carries with it the finest aggregate and laitance, making it much softer than the slab's core. It also increases the water to cement ratio, which further weakens the surface. Densifiers address this problem by binding to available lime in a pozzolanic fashion, creating additional cementitious material and strengthening the surface.

Concrete is by nature a porous material, with pores formed by water evaporation during curing. These pores interfere with surface uniformity, and make the slab more susceptible to staining from spilled liquids. The additional cementitious material formed by the densifier and lime fills these pores.

Densifiers may use various carrying agents to accomplish the hardening process, potassium, sodium, lithium, or other agents. For further information on concrete treatments visit: The Polishing Experts[1]]

Lithium Densifier hardener can be sourced through Legacy Industrial, or 908-269-8300

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cool roofs are a green alternative...

The latest trend in flat roofs is the " cool roof" design. These roofs reflect light and stay cooler vs. historically black roofs, absorbing heat, causing AC units and cooling towers to work harder.

Cool Roofs use roofing materials that are highly reflective (also called high albedo roofs) of the sun’s radiant heat. They may also have a high thermal emittance value. Emittance is a measure of how much of the absorbed radiant energy is given off into the atmosphere - keeping the surface cooler as a result.

One of the issues given enormous attention in the last few years is the usage of Cool Roofs to mitigate the Urban Heat Island effect. The Urban Heat Island effect is the creation of higher ambient temperatures in densely compacted urban areas than the surrounding suburban areas. It is a result from reduced vegetative growth as well as a higher incidence rate of black or dark colored pavement and roofing.

Typically, Cool Roofs are those with a solar reflectance value of 0.65 or higher when new. That means 65% of the total radiant heat energy is reflected back into the atmosphere.

Legacy Industrial, A Clean Seal LLC Company sells a variety of roof coatings that can be used to create a "cool roof" . 908-269-8300 or

Cool roof information was borrowed from an article posted by Centimark Corp.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Concrete Acid Stains now at Legacy Industrial

Once again, Legacy Industrial has a given it's customers what they want. Starting August 2nd 2010, Legacy Industrial will be accepting orders for the much in demand concrete acid stain.

Take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING Legacy offers on Stains and Densifiers!!

They have (2) convenient sizes:

  1. Concrete Acid Stain, one gallon
  2. Concrete Acid Stain, five gallon
Legacy Industrial also carries concrete repair products, lithium densifer and epoxy garage coating kits. Call: 908-269-8300 for more info.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Garage Epoxy Coating Kits- Free Shipping

Legacy Industrial, Port Murray, NJ, now offers free shipping on their already popular garage epoxy coating kits. Garage customization is sweeping the US and Legacy Industrial offers kits that are customizable to the users taste.

Legacy provides (4) kits:
  1. Basic 375 Epoxy Coating Kit
  2. Basic 750 Epoxy Coating Kit
  3. Pro 375 Epoxy Coating Kit
  4. Pro 750 Epoxy Coating Kit
In addition these popular kits, Legacy Industrial also offers; concrete repair kits, epoxy crack filler, joint materials, lithium densifier and much, much more.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Preparing a concrete floor for epoxy coatings

Here are the rules for applying real industrial grade epoxy floor coatings on concrete floors:

  1. You MUST prepare the floor by either acid etching, shot blasting or grinding.
  2. The prepared floor MUST have a profile equal to 80-100 grit sandpaper.
  3. You SHOULD use a primer (roll the dice on even coverage without it).
  4. You DO NOT have to top coat your second coat.
Why use a primer?

  1. Primer seals the surface allowing topcoat to flow evenly
  2. Primer maximizes topcoat hide
  3. Primer increases topcoat coverage and adhesion
  4. Primer promotes an even sheen and uniform appearance
  5. Primer seals problems, stopping them from coming up
These rules are repeated for good reason, no one wants to follow them!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Crack repair before you apply epoxy coating

We receive at least three e-mails a week from home-owners and businesses that have installed an epoxy coating and now have problems with cracks that they pre-filled.

Epoxy coatings do not like urethane, acrylic, cement based or silicone crack filler products. They will all fail (pop-out).

Therefore it is imperative that you use an epoxy based crack, joint or void filler prior to coating with an epoxy floor coating.

If you want a really good selection of these products check out:

The gel crack filler carried by Legacy Industrial is the easiest to use.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Concrete stain coming soon to Legacy Industrial

Legacy Industrial, Port Murray, NJ, will be adding a high quality line of concrete stains to a growing range of products from the concrete polishing arena. Rhonda Engle, VP Sales and Marketing, remarked that they were finishing beta testing on a complete line of acid stains, geared toward the commercial market.

"Our customers demand cutting edge products", stated Miss Engle. Decorative concrete contractors and end-users will have the ability to one stop shop for lithium densifier, concrete repair materials and now concrete stains will complete the circle.

Legacy Industrial reported that the product line will be "order ready" for late July 2010.
Inquiries should be directed to [email protected] or call 908-269-8300.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why and where should I use concrete densifier?

Contractors, end-users and home-owners should use concrete densifier for the following reasons:
  1. Control efflorescence (salts that are left behind as moisture passes through a masonry/stone/brick object or substrate)
  2. Dustproofer (controls dusting created by contact)
  3. Increase abrasion resistance (hardens top layer, approx. 3/16"
Where should they use it?

  1. All flat concrete slabs (inside or out)
  2. Foundations
  3. Concrete counter tops
  4. Bridges and Dikes
  5. Retaining wall blocks
  6. Paving stones
  7. Masonry facing
  8. Mortar joints
  9. Brick/block
  10. Natural stone
Where can they buy it from one gallon buckets up to 50 gallon drums?

HD-7936 Concrete Densifier ships globally.

Legacy Industrial, Port Murray, NJ has announced that HD-7936 lithium based concrete densifier will ship outside the US. Rhonda Engle, VP of Sales and Marketing for the NJ based Legacy Industrial announced a new push for global markets.

"We are developing contacts and distributor partners in prosperous nations in and around the Pacific rim", stated Miss Engle. She added, "Our densifier is the gold standard in concrete densification and polishing".

HD-7936 is currently available throughout the US via Legacy's website and distributor partners.
This lithium based densifier is available in the US with free shipping to most states.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Repairing concrete at theme parks and attractions

Theme parks present a unique challenge to concrete floor/deck repair. People. People constantly walking and using theme park facilities, a constant river of traffic. Seasonal theme parks typically residing in three season zones rely on the few months the park is closed to replace damaged areas, repouring concrete to it's original form and coating over wood and steel surfaces. They will utilize fast dry products for small repairs during the season.

Four Season theme parks like those found in Orlando, Florida, Southern Texas and California do not shut down. They maintain constant attendance, even on major holidays. These folks need products that will cure in a few hours, resemble the original substrate and offer good durability to traffic.

Legacy Industrial is a major supplier to these parks and their contractors. They offer concrete repair kits in a variety of cure times, textures and colors. Non-skid coatings formulated for wet areas, slippery ramps and stair-ways can be found here as well. Custom variations are also available for heavy use customers.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Underwater Epoxy Crack Filler Paste, the real deal.

Legacy Industrial, Port Murray, NJ, recently launched a new product for true wet and underwater repair applications.

HD-601 Underwater Crack Sealant Epoxy Paste is excellent for repairing gunite pools, fountains, ponds, attractions, etc... Supplied in an easy to use kit form, follow these easy to use directions:

  1. Mix A & B (try a small amount to begin with)
  2. Prepare area for work by roughing up with wire brush
  3. Apply product using putty knife or steel trowel
  4. Apply great pressure to displace water trapped under material
  5. Allow to cure fully before allowing traffic
The entire kit, mixed, is equivalent to 3 gallons. The 2:1 mixing ratio allows the user to split the kit into smaller repairs decreasing wasted material.

Kits are available through Legacy Industrial , reachable by phone or e-mail ; 908-269-8300.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Concrete Densifier Hardener Free Shipping

Legacy Industrial, Port Murray, NJ is pleased to announce a new "green" promotion. Free Shipping!! As of June 1st 2010, all one and five gallon concrete densifiers are availble with free ground shipping to the 48 contiguous states.

This includes:

Contact Gail Engle at Legacy Industrial for more information, 908-269-8300.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Concrete Densifier, HD-7937, Maximum Lithium

Legacy Industrial, Port Murray, NJ has announced the arrival of HD-7937 Concrete Densifier Plus.
Answering the industry's cry for more lithium, Legacy Industrial has doubled the lithium content of the already popular industry standard HD-7936 in this new product.

Legacy Industrial, world wide supplier of concrete polishing materials began taking orders early in May and is measuring summer sales in full tanker loads.

Please contact Legacy Industrial at 908-269-8300 for more information on this cutting edge product or other concrete repair/restoration materials.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

NJ Epoxy Floor, Polymer Floor, Seamless Floor

Legacy Industrial, premier epoxy, polymer and seamless floor coating supplier, is proud to announce the addition of Gail Engle to the Port Murray, NJ sales office. Gail is a veteran administrator and will be responsible for direct customer service and order tracking. Be sure to wish Gail a warm welcome!! The office can be reached at 908-269-8300 or visit Legacy's web-site.

Epoxy Floor Coatings in New Jersey

Legacy Industrial has the ability to deliver professional turn-key installations in NJ, PA, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, ME, NH and VT. The Port Murray based company offers a wide variety of services:

  • Epoxy Floor Installation
  • Cooler/Freezer Floor Repair
  • General Masonry and Slab Pouring
  • Block Wall Raising, Opening and Rebuilding
  • Concrete Floor Polishing
  • USDA Floors (washdown)
Contact Legacy's administrator, Gail Engle at 908-269-8300 . Gail (pictured below)will arrange to have a field representative visit your site for a free floor evaluation and estimate.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Concrete densifier celebrates two decades of service

Legacy Industrial, Port Murray, NJ announced that it's heavy duty concrete densifier HD-7936 Concrete Densifier has passed the test of time. This remarkable lithium based densifier/hardener has reached the twenty year mark and is ready to surpass all competitive products in length of service.

Sales and Marketing Vice President, Rhonda Engle, stated that this product, currently available across the U.S., has put Legacy Industrial on the map. She doted over a sample can like one of her own children as she addressed the I.C.P.A ( International Concrete Polishing Association). "It only takes one product to make it" she stated during the two day celebration at the Port Murray headquarters.

HD-7936 Concrete Densifier is widely recognized as the standard by which all other densifiers are measured. Often being referred to as the "King of Densifiers". This product along with many support products (joint fillers, concrete repair kits and coatings) are available through a select group of representatives,, Legacy's online store and over the phone. Shipping from Pittsburgh, PA across the U.S. and Canada. Contact Legacy Industrial at 908-269-8300 or

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hartz Mountain puts HD-110 concrete patch into action

The most well known pet food and product supplier Hartz Mountain, recently contacted Legacy Industrial the world's foremost supplier of concrete repair products for a new project. Hartz, located in Hudson county, NJ, needed a floor topping capable of shrugging off steel wheel traffic for a new manufacturing process. They needed this material to be strong, fast curing and easy to apply.

Legacy Industrial offered the toughest product they had, HD-110 concrete repair/resurfacer.
When put to the test the product gave the performance Hartz needed and exceeded expectations for it's ease of use.

Available in one, two and five gallon kits and in (4) standard colors. HD-110 is stocked at Legacy's Pittsburgh distribution warehouse and ready for delivery nationwide.
Contact Legacy Industrial at 908-269-8300 for more information.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Epoxy putty, an economical choice for small jobs

Epoxy putty is what we like to call a "small pleasure". You get portion control without having to pay a premium for it.

When you have a small job that needs a powerful solution, choose epoxy putty. These easy to use putty solutions will make those hard to get to or invconvenient repairs a snap.

There are several excellent formulas to choose from

  • Concrete Repair

  • Steel Repair

  • Aluminum Repair

  • Copper Repair

  • Wood Mending (several colors)

  • Universal Formula (for your toolbox)

You can find these easy to use, economical solutions at Legacy Industrial, in generous 7" sticks.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Urethane mortar with no smell, unique hybrid formula.

Food, beverage, dairy plants are a common place to use high strength, fast cure, moisture tolerant urethane mortars. However, most of these revolutionary products have a very intense smell, commonly found in all urethane based products, until now.

Legacy Industrial is proud to unveil HD-501 Urethane Mortar Hybrid Formula. This product has all the excellent attributes of a urethane based mortar with the exception of the aggressive and potentially hazardous smell.

Contact Legacy Industrial 908-269-8300 or [email protected] for more information.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lowest cost concrete densifier is the best value

Concrete densifiers are hot topic in the world of concrete today. Polishing is now the # 1 treatment to new and existing concrete slabs replacing coatings and other concrete surface toppings. One of the key wet ingredients in any polishing system is densifier. Densifier reacts with elements of the concrete surface, strenghthening the surface, making it less likely to fail under heavy traffic and impact.

There are many concrete densifiers available on the market. Lithium based densifier has replaced sodium and potassium formulas as the lithium formulas limit salt residue from congregating at the surface. Surprisingly, most studies show that there is little difference among the top 4 or 5 products supplied. These leading manufacturers lay claim to having the most lithium or the deepest penetration. Most of these claims are marketing hype, designed to grab your attention.

Experts agree, when choosing densifier use these filters:
  1. Choose brands that make technical data readily available
  2. Buy direct from the manufacturer vs. a distribution company
  3. Compare the claims of the top suppliers (CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTORY)
  4. When in doubt, test the product yourself

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Concrete polishing wet materials

Concrete polishing is largely a function of a diamond grind machine. However, wet materials are used to support/enhance the effectiveness and extend the life of the finished product.
We are taking about concrete densifier, and conditioner.

Concrete densifier:

A one component water based lithium based solution designed to densify cement and concrete substrates. The lithium based densifier reacts with the cementitious ingredients to densify while allowing deep penetration to chemically harden and fortify the substrate. This product is also available with the added benefit of a waterproofing agent.

Concrete conditioner:

A one component water based ultra small particle size self-crosslinking hydrophobic organic polymer and silane/siloxane designed specifically for use in the grind and polish of concrete/cement as a surface conditioner and stain guard.

Diamond polishing without these "wets" will result in a concrete surface lacking excellent surface strength, resistance to stains and sheen longevity.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Architectural Specifications for Concrete Flooring Systems

Wednesday February 10Th 2010. Port Murray, NJ.
Legacy Industrial, The world's foremost supplier of floor maintenance products and absorbent products has added an architectural specification category to it's much haled Internet web-site.

This category contains architectural specifications for epoxy coating systems, toppings and treatments for concrete floors including a new polishing system which is cutting edge and in much demand already.

Architects and engineers may contact Legacy Industrial at the Port Murray headquarters or have a manufacturers representative visit them to discuss upcoming projects. Legacy Industrial has representation in the following states: Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

Legacy Industrial, A Clean Seal LLC Company is a manufacturer of epoxy coatings, concrete repair kits, joint/crack fillers and absorbent materials. Although they are located in NJ, all products ship from their Pittsburgh, PA manufacturing center.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

High Chemical improves cleanliness at Levittown, PA facility

High Chemical Company, manufacturer of Sarapin, chose to improve floor conditions at their Levittown, PA manufacturing facility.
(before picture shown)

Mr. Ito Cancio, Vice President of High Chemical, contacted Legacy Industrial, supplier of epoxy coatings and polymer repair products for concrete floors. He had (2) hot buttons.

  1. Create an attractive floor covering that reflected the outstanding quality and standards High Chemical represents in the product they manufacture
  2. Improve the light reflectivity and cleanliness
Ito chose Legacy Industrial's High Build Polymer Flooring System. This system consisted of an epoxy primer, HD-707LVP, and Legacy Industrial's premier high build coating, HD-707.

Mr. Cancio was very pleased with the end result and was quoted saying "The floor looks so nice, neat, and clean and it should help impress the FDA inspectors when they come for their annual GMP inspection before the end of the year."

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Polymer Floor Architectural Specifications

Now, at your fingertips, (5) of the most popular architectural specifications for industrial, institutional and commercial resinous floor toppings known to the marketplace.

  1. Thin Mil Epoxy Coating Floor System
  2. High Build Epoxy Coating Floor System
  3. Shop Floor System
  4. Paint Chip Flake System
  5. Trowel Down Mortar Flooring System
These Microsoft Word documents are easily downloaded for your next construction project.

Coating wood floor with epoxy coatings for AA Patchworks

Recently, we (Legacy Industrial) were approached by "AA Patchworks" with a unique floor substrate, wood. AA Patchworks supplies custom embroidered promotional items. They have expanded their business to a new location in Jefferson, NJ. They needed a larger space to accommodate additional personnel and machinery.

The company's maintenance staff accepted the challenge to transform the new space from outdated and dreary to exceptional!!

We performed a site visit and made our product recommendations as follows:
  1. Epoxy Based HD-139 Primer(1) coat at 15 mils thick
  2. Legacy Industrial's SD , (1) coat at 20 mils thick
Wood floors present two obstacles to floor coatings. They move and they have seams/cracks everywhere!! Wood floors will shrink and expand with changes in relative humidity and temperature. In order to combat this we started with a single primer coat of our HD-139 Flexible Primer. This product will flex slightly as the wood floor moves over time and bridged the cracks nicely. We topcoated with the SD. This product has excellent hiding properties, flows easy and again has a very low smell. This was applied at maximum thickness, which really hid the many imperfections that the wood floor offered.
  1. AA Patchworks owner, Mr. Frank Wagenhoffer commended the performance of the products and had this to say, "Thank you for the high quality floor coatings, guidance and professionalism, we saved at least 60% of the cost of a professionaly installed polymer floor by doing this ourselves, results were outstanding".
    (Finished floor pictured)

    for more information, call Legacy Industrial 908-269-8300

Monday, January 11, 2010

Recoating previously coated floors yourself

Recoating previously coated floors is an easy process if you know what you are dealing with. Before you run to buy floor coatings, let's make sure you are not going to create any problems in the process.

First, you need to examine the floor. Is the original coating peeling, cracking or lifting? Is the floor down tight and not seperated from the substrate(cuts and scrapes are ok). If your examination shows the original coat is "down tight" then you may skip ahead and start profiling your floor for a mechanical bond. If not, you must remove the existing coating. Why? If you do not you may have problems. Your coating job is only as good as the surface you are coating over. Take the extra time, do it right. Rent a scarifier or perhaps a floor-buffing machine with an aggressive sanding head. Once the old coating is removed, you can start the coating process.

If your coating is down tight and you will coat over it, make a good attempt to profile the coating. In other words, scratch it up. A medium grit sanding head on a floor-buffer will do the trick. The objective here is to remove the gloss/shine.

Now, clean the floor with a citrus cleaner. These cleaners are generally made from orange oil and do a great job of neutralizing contaminates. Leave the floor to dry overnight once you have cleaned it, unless you have access to fans or heat.

Lastly, purchase a quality floor coating and go do it. If using epoxy based coatings, roll out (1) thin primer coat for uncoated floors. When the floor has been previously coated you can go ahead and top-coat with a high build or urethane. Generally, you will stay off a minimum of 24 hours. A novice floor coater can create some excellent results with little experience!!