Sunday, July 28, 2013

Concrete Densifier the Anti-Coating is here!

Concrete densifier has arrived and it's not just for polishing.  Contractors, property managers and homeowners are defending concrete using the power of densifier!

What is densifier?
Concrete densifier is a chemical applied to concrete surfaces in order to fill pores, increasing surface density. Chemical densifiers are used on polished and non-polished concrete to reduce dusting and wear; on polished concrete surfaces densifiers help concrete take a better polish and make the surface less permeable to liquids so the slab does not require sealing*

What can I use it for besides preparing concrete for polishing?
  • Apply to exterior concrete to fend off the natural elements that hurt concrete; water, salt and traffic
  • Treat your garage floor to stop dusting and minimize spill stains
  • Treat your basement floor to help negative side waterproofing
  • Treat your basement floor to mitigate radon gas
  • Treat your interior floor to stop effloresence
Why is it not mainstream?
For years this product was manufactured using "salts" that when not applied properly created white stains on the substrate surface.  This side-effect was unavoidable. 

Where can I get the best, least expensive, lithium based,  densifier made today?
Call Legacy Industrial 1-888-652-0333.  They manufacture densifier near the source for the raw ingredient in Central Florida.  CLICK HERE for more information.

*excerpt from Wikipedia.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Man cave garage flooring.

Boys (and girls) who like motorized toys can have a pro-floor using Legacy Industrial Epoxy Garage Coatings and Kits.  Our specialty is HELP.  Yes, we sell coatings but give away help.  We walk you through the process, answering your questions about your floors.

We have HELPED thousands of DIY folks achieve excellent results with little experience.  We have the experience and we give it away to you.   Check the pics below of our customers showing off a floor or two.