Thursday, October 24, 2013

Flexicore concrete panel repairs with Legacy Industrial products.

Hollow-core or Flexicore is a type of precast, pre-stressed concrete floor slab.  Very popular in multi-story residential and commercial construction.  It can also be used as a garage floor to create subterranean living or storage spaces.  When used in this manner it is common for a conventional slab to be poured over the Flexicore "floor".  This pour should be isolated from the "sub-floor" using a 60 mil poly-membrane.  This membrane allows the slabs to move independently, minimizing cracking and acts as a waterproof barrier if they do crack.  When this membrane is compromised or absent from construction it is very possible for water/liquids to drift from the garage space to the lower level through the floor.

Profile view of hollow-core panel- from Wikipedia.

Here are some tips to either stop or minimize this leaking:

  • Grind the entire floor, removing all sealers/coatings
  • Chase any cracks with a crack-chasing blade mounted on an angle grinder
  • Fill cracks with a flexible yet hard epoxy crack filler-LINK TO PRODUCT
  • Grind epoxy filler flush upon full cure
  • Coat the floor with a flexible, bridging primer- LINK TO PRODUCT
  • Allow to cure and topcoat with an appropriate topcoat-LINK TO PRODUCT
  • It is possible to make (2) coats of the bridging primer in lieu of topcoat.
Allow coatings to fully cure approx. 7 days before allowing motorized traffic to occur.

If executed properly and further substrate movement is minimal, this system will allow for care-free use of liquids on the garage floor level.  However, if movement is substantial, a scrim membrane may need to be implemented into the system for greater movement allowance.

This system is intended to help prevent liquids from moving between floors.  This is not a "structural repair" nor is it guaranteed to waterproof.  Please consult a licensed engineer for any structural repair or waterproofing recommendations.

Monday, October 21, 2013

How to apply vinyl flakes or chips to your epoxy floor.

Applying vinyl flake/chip to your "still wet" epoxy floor is as easy as "gravity".    Once your floor base coat has been fully rolled out and looking even.  It's time to apply the flakes!!

For our purposes we are talking a rich amount of flake, One pound per 100 square feet.  A full distribution flake will be covered in an other entry as this process is different.

Back to the floor...
Once you have finished rolling, strap on your spiked shoes!   Yes, you need these to walk into the coating.  It will still be slippery so pick your feet up as you walk and bend your knees.  Keep your flakes in a two or three gallon bucket, tucked under your arm.  The spike shoes will make marks in the floor that will self-heal as you walk through it.

Start with small pinches of flakes and throw them directly into the air.  Aim for the ceiling.  Gravity will take over and spread the flakes as if  GOD had put them there.  The most common mistake is to throw them at the ground directly.  This will result in an uneven, non-random, looking floor.

Another method is to use a texture gun.  Commonly used in the Southeast to texture drywall or used on your patio to make a "knock down" finish.  Same caveat....  point the nozzle up and let gravity bring them down evenly.

Once you have gone over the floor once, go back and make sure it's even.  Better to apply a light application first and make several trips back over the floor.  Once you are finished, allow to cure and apply a urethane or Polyaspartic clear sealer within 24 hours of the start.
Applying clear urethane sealer

Spiked Shoes

Texture Gun, Shooting Flakes!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Photo Contest, Legacy Industrial, Visa Gift Card

Legacy Industrial is proud to announce a "Photo-Contest"!

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Thanks for your patronage and can't wait to see your floors!!