Thursday, October 24, 2013

Flexicore concrete panel repairs with Legacy Industrial products.

Hollow-core or Flexicore is a type of precast, pre-stressed concrete floor slab.  Very popular in multi-story residential and commercial construction.  It can also be used as a garage floor to create subterranean living or storage spaces.  When used in this manner it is common for a conventional slab to be poured over the Flexicore "floor".  This pour should be isolated from the "sub-floor" using a 60 mil poly-membrane.  This membrane allows the slabs to move independently, minimizing cracking and acts as a waterproof barrier if they do crack.  When this membrane is compromised or absent from construction it is very possible for water/liquids to drift from the garage space to the lower level through the floor.

Profile view of hollow-core panel- from Wikipedia.

Here are some tips to either stop or minimize this leaking:

  • Grind the entire floor, removing all sealers/coatings
  • Chase any cracks with a crack-chasing blade mounted on an angle grinder
  • Fill cracks with a flexible yet hard epoxy crack filler-LINK TO PRODUCT
  • Grind epoxy filler flush upon full cure
  • Coat the floor with a flexible, bridging primer- LINK TO PRODUCT
  • Allow to cure and topcoat with an appropriate topcoat-LINK TO PRODUCT
  • It is possible to make (2) coats of the bridging primer in lieu of topcoat.
Allow coatings to fully cure approx. 7 days before allowing motorized traffic to occur.

If executed properly and further substrate movement is minimal, this system will allow for care-free use of liquids on the garage floor level.  However, if movement is substantial, a scrim membrane may need to be implemented into the system for greater movement allowance.

This system is intended to help prevent liquids from moving between floors.  This is not a "structural repair" nor is it guaranteed to waterproof.  Please consult a licensed engineer for any structural repair or waterproofing recommendations.

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