Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fill joints in your garage concrete floor slab before epoxy coating.

Filling joints prior to epoxy coating your concrete garage floor/slab is a common procedure.  However, most DIY do not do it correctly or use products not designed for this.

  1. Clean your joints and remove any weakness
  2. Use the proper epoxy gel crack filler (HD821 Gel Crack Filler is preferred)
  3. Stay away from caulks or sealants at the Home Center, they shrink and crack
  4. A properly filled joint will keep your coating from cracking
  5. A properly filled joint will be bonded and less likely to move
Check our useful pics below for the proper method and visit HDEPOXY.COM for heavy duty floor solutions.  They have everything the master-craftsman or DIY needs to coat, seal and repair concrete.