Thursday, November 26, 2015

Legacy Industrial Web-Site Black Friday, Cyber Monday 2015 Discounts & Coupon Codes!

We are pleased to offer the following coupon codes!
Although our site is up and running through the holiday weekend, phone orders will not be accepted until Monday at 9:00 EST.

5% Discount for orders $199.00 and less, code: blackfriday5
7% Discount for orders $999.00 to 200.00, code: blackfriday7
10% Discount for orders $1000.00 and over, code: blackfriday10

Lastly, this promotion is valid for sales during this period only and has no cash value. 


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Salt protection for your garage floor, SILAX-SEAL™

Is your concrete garage floor ready for winter?  Pitting, cracking, spalling, dusting floors are headed your way without a protective concrete garage floor sealer.  A cement sealer that does not change the look and texture of your existing floor is available.

Is there a concrete garage floor sealer for winter protection?
Inexpensive but strong?
Holds up year after year?
Help stop garage chemicals from staining?

The answer is YES, YES, YES!!!

Choose SILAX-SEAL™ by Legacy Industrial.  Invisible protection you can see!