Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Epoxy Floor Flake Color Imaging Design Tool

Are you getting ready to install an epoxy floor coating system kit on your garage concrete floor?  If the answer is yes, take some time to plan out your color scheme.  Pick colors that compliment your wall and toolbox/cabinet colors.  Pick colors that reflect light.  A light color floor can dramatically increase the lighting in your space.  Dark colors make a large space feel more compact.  Dark colors show dirt, scuffs and scratches very easily.  If you go dark, choose a mottled look or offset with plenty of fleck/flakes.

Still puzzled?  Visit HDEPOXY.COM and use the complimentary Flake Color Design Tool.  This tool will give you a look at your floor colors with your fleck/flake colors.  Very easy to use and conveniently gives you the exact colors and part numbers you need to order with.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Concrete floor preparation for coatings

Do it right the first time!

Do I have to diamond grind?  Why do I have to grind?   What type of grinder?  Why can't I coat without preparing?  Is it dusty?  My floor is new why can't I skip the prep?

Risk Mitigation is the reason you want to Diamond Grind your concrete shop or garage floor.  It helps to eliminate the risk of your floor coatings (epoxy, urethane, Polyurea or Polyaspartic)from peeling.  Hot tires don't peel coatings.  Poor prep does!

There are other methods of preparation.  Some better and most are worse.  Don't skip the prep.  Do it right and keep your coatings tight.