Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Picking the right coating for your garage floor.

Choosing the correct coating or treatment for your garage or basement floor is an important event. Criteria such as durability, chemical resistance and investment level all play a crticical role. Legacy Industrial serves customers with many different requirements.  To better help our customers make an educated choice we created the simple table below.  It helps put you calibrate our offerings for your project.

(Click this table to enlarge )
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Monday, June 17, 2013

100 percent solids epoxy for garage floors

Why use 100 percent solids epoxy coating on your garage floor?

  • Thickest product (while still roll-able) available
  • Absence of water or solvent vehicle
  • Maximum gloss
  • Non-reactive with many different primers
  • Low smell, if any
  • Durable

Legacy Industrial manufactures several grades of 100% solids epoxy.
The project pictured below shows our Legacy Industrial "SD" 100 percent solids.
Note the high gloss and attractive looks.

Post grinding, note the cracks filled with HD818 crack filler
Completed floor. SD has great looks and durability




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