Tuesday, October 26, 2010

HD-7936 Concrete Densifier now easy pour!!

Legacy Industrial, supplier of the "workhorse" concrete densifier HD-7936 is proud to announce that all Legacy Industrial densifiers and polishing aides will be available in new easy pour containers.
  • One gallon sizes are now packaged in easy pour poly-jugs.
  • Five gallon sizes will have an easy to pour pull-up spout
  • 50 gallon drums are have a quick-port for your crank pump
Concrete acid stains are already and will continue to be packaged in "easy pour" containers.
For more information regarding these concrete densifiers or concrete stains, contact Rhonda Engle at Legacy Industrial, www.legacyindustrial.net

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Repairing concrete floor cracks with HD-821

Legacy Industrial's HD-821 Gel Crack Filler is the easiest way to pre-fill cracks and bug-holes in concrete. This strong yet flexible material is available in quart and gallon kits.

This is a one to one mixed product. Therefore, use what you need and save some for later repairs. Use a piece of paneling or scrap plywood to mix on. A margin trowel or spackle knife is good for mixing.

Grab a dollop of A and equal amount of B. Only take what you can install in 15 minutes.

Mix the (2) dollops until an even color is reached.

Spread into the crack or bug-hole using the margin trowel or spackle knife.
If you are going to coat the repair, leave as is. If you will not coat, excess can be scraped of with a razor-scraper once the product has tacked off.

Go to www.legacyindustrial.net for more information,

Concrete Floor Repair using epoxy patch material HD-110

Repairing concrete floors is easy when you use the right stuff. Legacy Industrial's HD-110 Concrete Repair Patch is documented in this post. It's ability to make permanent repairs without shrinkage or cracking is unmatched. Use prior to coating with epoxy or stand-alone.
NOTE: Legacy's other formulas will install similar to the HD-110 pictured.
This includes: HD-124, 128,  and 130 repair products.

Prep the area by knocking out any loose material, vacuum or broom dust/debris.

Open the kit. Remove the contents, place the silica aggregate into a spare bucket (blue bucket shown). Make sure you have a steel trowel, mixing drill and mixing wand/attachment.

Pour the A & B into the steel can, mix for 3 minutes (use this procedure for all epoxy coatings too)

Once resins are mixed properly, pour silica aggregate into container. Use more aggregate for deep repair, use less aggregate for shallow repair.

Make sure all the aggregate is wet.

Get ready to apply the material, if you used most of the aggregate the material will be of a peanut butter consistency.

Apply strong pressure to the trowel, pushing the material into the repair area.

Smooth the surface as you would with cement. Hit your trowel with some "Windex" on the last stroke, it will really smooth out and will shed any resin sticking to the steel.

Your repair can be walked on 6-8 hours and driven on in 24 hours. Legacy Industrial offers several versions of this product for these applications: heavy duty, chemical resisitant, extreme chemical resistance, cold weather, cooler duty, freezer duty, food grade and economy blend.
Go to: www.legacyindustrial.net for more info.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Concrete densifier available on Google Shopping

Legacy Industrial is happy to announce a new presence on Google Shopping, formerly, Froogle.
Concrete densifier, concrete acid stain and concrete repair kits are all available through this excellent service.

Google shopping affords web surfers the ability to compare products much faster then conventional methods. You can request products by manufacturer, proximity to your locale and most importantly: by price.

Legacy Industrial is the world's foremost supplier of concrete densifier, stain and concrete repair products in the world. Visit Google Shopping or Legacy Industrial for more information.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Concrete densifier manufacturer offers stain sample kits

Legacy Industrial, leading supplier of concrete densifier and concrete polishing products added a helpful sample kit to the Legacy Industrial web-site and general product line.

Why mess around?

Order this kit and make your mistakes on a small scale or prepare a sample tile for your prospective customer. This easy to use kit also includes a free bottle of water based sealer as well.

As always, shipping and advice is free with Legacy!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Least expensive concrete densifiers by Legacy Industrial

Legacy Industrial offers some of the least expensive concrete densifiers including free shipping. Imagine that, concrete densifier with free shipping. No, that's not cheap densifier, that's a deal!

This means that niche polishers, concrete artisans, counter top and concrete furniture manufacturers can all enjoy the high quality Legacy line of maximum lithium content concrete densifiers.

Contact Legacy Industrial today to find out how you can start saving money on your next project.

Concrete Densifier comparison of lithium content

This research was performed to expose the need for independent testing of densifier products and to highlight manufacturers that offer transparent access to key product facts.

We advise all consumers to request more information regarding dilution schedules, solids content and lithium content.

Concrete densifier products were not rated for performance.

Products compared: Liqui-Hard, Xtreme Hard, Lithium Densifier Formula One MP, Concrete Denisifer HD-7936, Concrete Densifier 7938 and SealHard.

Concrete dye now available at Legacy Industrial.

Legacy Industrial, a major manufacturer of concrete densifier, now offers a full line of concrete pigments including concrete dye powder. Legacy enters this market in the shadow of companies like Direct Colors, Inc. and Davis Colors.

This concrete dye is obtained via Legacy's easy to use web-site, www.legacyindustrial.net. Legacy Industrial offers the concrete dye in 35 different colors. This range allows the user a myriad of choices and color combination's.

In addition to concrete dye and concrete densifer Legacy offers the following concrete products:
  • Concrete Repair Kits
  • Polishing Grout
  • Concrete sealer
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Non-Skid coatings
  • Tools and accessories
It's important to remember that all stained or dyed concrete surfaces need to be sealed or densified. Applying concrete lithium densifier strengthens the concrete surface, cutting down on dusting, efflorescence, and freeze/thaw issues.