Thursday, January 27, 2011

Staining vertical concrete surfaces

We love to take customer applications and use them as topics for this blog. Here is a great one!

A customer in sunny Los Angeles, California started acid staining a concrete wall with an "off the shelf" acid concrete stain. He had a difficult time keeping enough stain on the wall as the concrete was thirsty and kept sucking in the stain, not letting it fizz and etch. He tried excessively applying the stain. However, the more he added the more it ended up running down the wall.

We sent this gentleman our Legacy Industrial's Gelled Acid Stain. The gel factor keeps the stain on the vertical surface long enough for good penetration and etching without the "runs". We know he'll have an easier time getting a nice vibrant color on that wall.

This product is also beneficial for stenciling horizontal surfaces as well.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Concrete sealer for garage floors

More and more customers are creating a simple easy to clean flooring system. This easy to apply product is commonly referred to as "sealer".

Recently, our customer, James from New Mexico applied Legacy Industrial's HD-356VOC. HD-356VOC concrete sealer is a VOC compliant urethane sealer. Useful outside and indoors for dust-proofing concrete surfaces while leaving an attractive and easy to clean sheen. In addition to good chemical and abrasion resistance this useful sealer has very good UV resistance which stops yellowing later.

James's garage is pictured. Please note that he made a repair in the middle and will be sealing that area once the concrete has cured 30 days. James let us know his only complaint is the foot-prints he has to deal with during the repair phase.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Densifiers aiding fossil creations

Legacy Industrial, manufacturer of the industry's gold standard "HD-7936 Lithium Concrete Densifier" has begun supplying a major creator of fossils! Yes, EOStone, Natural Stone Artifacts of Doral, FL has begun using Legacy Industrial's fast acting, extreme hardening lithium densifier, HD-7936.

Eostone provides the very finest fossils and other natural history antiquities to collectors, architects, interior designers, and museums worldwide. Each unique fossil is collected and prepared in accordance to the strict guidelines established by the American Association of Paleontological Suppliers Code of Ethics.

Eostone entrusts Legacy Industrial products to help densify the concrete background which is the keeper of the fossil. A very important job.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sealing Acid Stained Concrete

The picture above shows Legacy Industrial's concrete sealer options. The entire test slab was treated with Legacy Industrial's Concrete Acid Stain (English Red color) prior to coating.


  • Raw unsealed concrete
  • HD031 Acrylic Urethane Sealer
  • HD356VOC Urethane Sealer
  • HD344 PolyAspartic Sealer
It is plain to see that starting with a stained concrete slab, a user can customize the sealer to suit the application. Remember, the acid in the stain serves as the etch commonly needed to secure the sealer/coating to the concrete substrate.

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