Sunday, November 9, 2014

Grinding concrete with a Dustless wet/dry vac Model D1603

The market is flooded with high dollar options for dust management when it comes to grinding concrete in preparation for epoxy coatings or polishing.  Pulse-bac, Diamatic, HTC and Alpha are some names in the industry.

A great USA made, low dollar dust management option is the new Dustless Technologies Model D1603 16 gal Wet/Dry Vac.  This vacuum coupled to a light weight grinder (Diamabrush, Onfloor, etc...) is a formidable combination that will not break the bank.

Here are some features:

  • Cloth style filters are durable & are an excellent choice for non-hazardous materials
  • Filters can be cleaned by agitating a rod on the outside of the vacuum
  • Large capacity barrel easily holds 40 pounds of dust
  • Low long-term upkeep costs make the vacuum very economical
  • Powerful 11.5 amp motor and gives lasting performance and strong suction
  • Switch between dry and wet pickup instantly without compromising filters
  • Vacuum can be run almost continuously by using Wunderbags as a prefilter
  • Wunderbag works in wet and/or dry applications
  • Upgraded rubber wheels
  • Reinforced lid/barrel
  • Includes set of Wunderbag Micro Prefilters 
Consider Dustless Model D1603 for your shop or floor preparation operation.  You won't be disappointed. Available from Legacy Industrial  CLICK HERE

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Garage Solutions of Florida, Polyaspartic One Day Garage Floors

Legacy Industrial is proud to shine a spotlight on a pro-installer.  Garage Solutions of Florida, is this month's example.  This installer, Jay Franklin,  covers all facets of garage enhancements with a focus on polyaspartic flake floors and epoxy.  Here is a short list of Garage Solution's capabilities:

  • PolyAspartic Full Flake Garage Floors
  • One Day Garage Floors
  • Concrete Grinding
  • Epoxy/Urethane Floors
  • Modular Tile Floors (like Racedeck)
  • Garage Organization and Cabinets
  • Overhead Storage
The secret to success is an absolute quest for perfection and customer satisfaction.  Jay Franklin, owner and operator, let's his customers know that satisfaction is guaranteed on every job!

Website Link:
Phone: 904-325-9010
Owner: Jay Franklin
Serving: Northern Florida (will travel for larger projects), Jacksonville, Ocala, The Villages, St. Augustine, Daytona, Ormond Beach, Palm Coast and more!!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

AquaDike, Water Vapor Barrier Primer

Moisture and epoxy coating systems generally don't go together.  Water vapor transmission can be a problem for a small portion of concrete floors.  In order to thwart the offensive presented by hidden water vapor, Legacy Industrial offers AquaDiketm  for customer's looking for insurance or prevention from this culprit.  

This will not stop all issues from vapor transmission and certainly not any type of flooding but will help when the pressure is less than 20 psi or less.  Please read Legacy Industrial's technical data on this product for proper usage and limitations.

For more information, CLICK HERE

Photo of the week, by Fowler.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Installer Focus: J.Kehnel Immediate Concrete Repair Epoxy Floors & Polished Concrete

Legacy Industrial is proud to shine a spotlight on one of our pro-installer's.  J. Kehnel Immediate Concrete Repair of Allentown, PA is this month's example.  This installer covers all facets of commercial & industrial flooring with a focus on polished concrete and specialty epoxy floors (firehouse floors).  Here is a short list of J. Kehnel's capabilities:

  • Polished Concrete
  • Concrete Grinding
  • ShotBlasting
  • Epoxy/Urethane Floors
  • Heavy Duty Auto Service and Fire House broadcasted floors
  • Slab Joint Restoration
The secret to J. Kehnel's success is an absolute quest for perfection and customer satisfaction.  J. Kehnel's craftsmanship is known throughout the Delaware Valley, Philadelphia and Western NJ.
Industries served:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Kindred Products
  • Beverage (soft-drink, beer and related)
  • Institutional
  • Chemical
  • Warehouse/Manufacturing

J. Kehnel Immediate Concrete Repair Inc.
4575 Broadway - Allentown, PA 18104
Phone: 610-366-0208
Toll-Free: 1-877-JKehnel (1-877-553-4635)
Fax: 610-398-8344
E-mail: [email protected]

Friday, September 12, 2014

Epoxy & Polyaspartic- Polyurea Garage Floor Coatings in Canada

Legacy Industrial will send epoxy garage floor coatings, polyaspartic/polyurea garage floor coatings to Canada.  Canadian customers can pick from our long list of products and expect prompt delivery and customer service with an "A"!

Customers should contact us direct for quick and economical shipping rates.  Naturally customers can always ship to the boarder for courier or drop-off service,

Lastly, our products are used all over the world and Canada's cold winter temps are no problem for Legacy Industrial coatings!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Garage Journal highlights Legacy Industrial's Standard Concrete Sealer

The Garage Journal ( ) an extremely well executed web-site and forum revolving around anything garage related recently highlighted Legacy Industrial's Standard Epoxy Clear Sealer in a super cool garage build.

If you are into cars, tractors, auto racing, truck racing, metal-work, glass-work, antique vehicles, woodworking or any type of hobby activity involving a garage or hobby-shop space you need to see this site.  The "brain trust" that visits that forum everyday is insane.  Resources beyond your wildest dreams for barn building, garage construction, planning, concrete work, electrical, lighting, lifts, cabinets, flooring and everything related and beyond.

Check out our write-up on the site but visit www, once a week to catch-up on the posts and join in the fun!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Deadliest Catch meets Legacy Industrial's Concrete Sealers.

Trident Seafoods, one of the largest harvesters and processors of seafood in the USA is in the background of the Deadliest Catch series on Discovery Channel.  Trident Seafoods operates shore based and sea based processing plants throughout Alaska.  When Sig from the "NorthWestern"  or Capt. Wild Bill of the "Cape Caution" offloads a crab-boat of fresh Alaskan crab they are likely being offloaded by a Trident Seafoods processing facility.

Recently, Trident Seafoods contacted Legacy Industrial to help keep EPA compliance for shore based processing plants.  They needed an easy to apply sealer that would help seal porous processing room floors.  Legacy Industrial,, offered HD6525MMA (methyl methacrylate based) as a solution to the issue.

HD6525MMA is available for DIY use in home garages, basements and anywhere and easy to roll, great looking clear sealer is required. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Basement floor stain and seal.

Have you ever been to Memphis?  Have you seen the wall to wall shag carpet in the basement of Graceland?  It's quite probable that "The King" would have opted for a stain and seal basement floor for his pool room had it been available in 1977.  Shag is out!  Decorative concrete is in!

Look, learn and listen Baby!  Rip up the tile, strip out the shag.  Turn that boring basement space into an Italian marketplace or an artsy coffee house.  The choices are endless with Legacy Industrial's Acid Stains and Industrial strength sealers!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Clarke RS16DC Sander for preparing concrete floors by Legacy Industrial

The Clarke RS16DC Floor Sander is a great tool.  It's lightweight, American made and very affordable.
It's best used as a preparation tool for coatings to be used on concrete floors.  Once outfitted with a Diamabrush Concrete Prep Plus Tool, this amazing piece of equipment will fully prepare your concrete slab for epoxy, urethane or polyaspartic coatings.

Don't forget to connect your new prep machine to a "Dustless Vac" from Legacy Industrial!
These Dustless Vacs are small but pack a huge punch for dust control.

The Clarke RS16DC features:

  • Powerful 1.5 HP motor provides smooth operation and aggressive sanding
  • Innovative “wiper” style switch keeps the motor contacts clean
  • Excellent tool for epoxy coating removal/prep or concrete polishing
  • Smooth and rugged steel planetary gear systems
  • Chrome plated steel housing, motor cover, and handle tube provide maximum durability
  • Grey non-marking wheels and power cord protect the floor
  • Grip face pad driver supplied with the machine

 Legacy Industrial carries all the mentioned items and offers free shipping and no sales tax to customers outside of Florida.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Good Guys Car Show Kissimmee Florida 2014

We found some very nice cars at the Good Guys Car Show, Kissimmee, FL 2014.  Take a peek!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Kit FAQ for DIY

Garage floor epoxy coating kits are great!  They turn an otherwise dark, gloomy dirty space into a bright, clean and organized space.  Our list of FAQ below will help you with the more common questions asked by the DIY.

    1. Is a primer necessary?
      1. Yes, a primer is always recommended.  No primer offered?  Look for another brand or purchase a primer elsewhere.
      2. Primers can be omitted if re-coating over existing epoxy.
    2. Is a clear-coat necessary?
      1. No.  A Urethane or Polyaspartic clear coat is a great addition and will make your floor look better longer but is not a requirement.
      2.  Most clear coats are thin, excellent for carrying skid-resistance media.
    3. How much flake do I need?
      1. Most folks like (1) pound per 100 sq ft.  This looks great and still allows the coating to shine through.
    4. Do I have to prep if my floor is new or freshly poured?
      1. Yes, always have to prep.  Coatings do not like smooth surfaces.  Choose acid etch or diamond grinding for best results.
    5. Do I need skid-resistance?
      1. If you think you might, you should!  Safety First!
    6. Do I need to split the coatings into smaller batches?  
      1. Not if you use a Legacy Industrial kit, no splits just roll it.
    7. Should I work it from the bucket?
      1. No, mix and dump material out in ribbons, work it from the floor.
    8. How long do I wait for coating after my pour?
      1. 30 days minimum after a moisture test.
    9. How long will epoxy last?
      1. 40-50 years if applied correctly and kept clean!
    10. Where can I source these products?
      1. www.hdepoxy.com   of course!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Truths about Preparation, Primers and Warranty in the DIY Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Kit Market

The Truth about Preparation, Primers and Warranty in the DIY Garage Coating Market

In the past 20 years, resinous coating products (epoxy) formerly used in manufacturing plants have shifted to greater DIY use.  The DIY garage floor coating market is filled with very good information coupled with much misinformation.  The goal of a manufacturer is to sell a product.  Product sales are directly tied to ease of application and cost.  When the application becomes too complex, buyers reject.  When the cost per square foot rises too high, buyers reject. Therefore, the goal for manufacturers is to make the process “easy” and the cost “affordable”.  Unfortunately, easy and affordable can limit the lifetime expectancy of the coating system.

The truth is “acid etching” is a recommended surface preparation method.  It is recommended if you can’t perform mechanical abrading methods such as “diamond grinding” or “shot-blasting”.  Acid-etching does not address “laitance”.  Laitance is weakness in the surface of the substrate.  Laitance is caused by too much water, freezing and/or excessive trowel work.  Laitance, typically, does not present itself until you apply an epoxy floor coating system on it.  This is not a good time to find out you have laitance. The availability of hand-held diamond grinding wheels, smaller diamond grinding machines, brush style grinders and dust control systems should help eliminate acid-etching as the main method of floor preparation. However, it is still offered by many manufacturers as it is “easy” and costs “less”. 

Many quality garage coating kits include a 100% solids epoxy.  100% solids epoxy makes an excellent base/intermediate coat.  It hides imperfections, has good initial gloss and is a great vehicle for chips, quartz and color granules.  However, there are (2) Achilles heals to this product. 100% solids epoxy does not penetrate well.  This lack of penetration into the substrate can cause issues later in the lifetime of the product.  Secondly, it is so thick that air can become trapped in and cause “volcanoes” or “bumps”.  The air can be from a porous surface (epoxy displaces air in pores, air releases and becomes trapped in coating).  Primers are thin and therefore can penetrate the surface deeply giving the base or intermediate coat a robust lock to the substrate.  Primers are thin and therefore when they displace air in a porous surface, the air can escape through the coating without leaving a “volcano” or “bump” on the surface.  In addition, primers encourage uniformity in subsequent coats and extend the coverage rates especially over porous substrates.

Fact is after selling millions of gallons of product, the coating manufacturer knows when they have a problem with a product almost immediately.   Batches are tested before packaging.  Tests are recorded and wet samples are kept for one year for further testing if required.  If the product catalyzes and becomes hard the coating manufacturer did their job.  Bumps, volcanoes, peeling, lifting, hot-tire issues can all be routed back to preparation or application. It is extremely rare that a coating manufacturer ever pays for a warranty claim and/or supplies more product based on a customer calling in with a warranty claim.   Consumers should concentrate more upon the quality and responsiveness of the manufacturer’s customer service and less on warranty.  Good customer service and knowledge is worth its weight in gold!

In summary, a long lasting and attractive garage floor system should include a mechanical preparation process, penetrating primer and a protective clear coat (urethane or polyaspartic). These items add more cost but help to eliminate risk in the application process and greatly extend the overall lifetime of the flooring system.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Diamabrush Concrete Prep Tools , Garage Floors

Diamabrush Concrete Prep tool is one the best ways to prepare a concrete garage floor for coating application.  Legacy Industrial stocks the full line of Diamabrush products including the concrete polishing heads.  Why is it among the best prep tools?

  1. Grinding a floor helps to reveal and eliminate surface weakness (common occurrence)
  2. Diamabrush heads utilize spring "fingers" that maintain contact with the floor
  3. Diamabrush is light weight and manageable
  4. Diamabrush tooling is easily replaced and affordable vs. common abrasive tooling
  5. The learning curve is much smaller, easier for DIY and rookies to learn
Trust the Diamabrush Concrete Prep System on your next project.  Available across the USA from Legacy Industrial, 888-652-0333.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Commercial bathroom floors using Legacy Industrial Epoxy Coatings.

Commercial bathroom floors are no problem for Legacy Industrial's Epoxy Coatings.  Good chemical resistance coupled with ease of use allow the applicator to enjoy a great looking, great wearing flooring system.

Key flooring elements required in a bathroom setting are a seamless surface, high resistance to human fluids/cleaning chemicals and high traffic.  Pigmented urethane with an appropriate amount of Soft-Skid (anti-skid material) is the perfect topcoat, fending off discoloring and premature wear.

The system shown is:

  1. Legacy Industrial's HD139 Primer
  2. Legacy Industrial's SD 100% solids epoxy coating
  3. HD322 Pigmented Urethane.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Barn Build using Legacy Industrial Epoxy Coatings

Our good customer Chad took on over 5000 sq ft of concrete floor with his pals. They applied (2) coats of Legacy Industrial's Standard Primer/Coating with a protective topcoat of
Great Job Chad and Thank you!!