Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hog slat repair resurface restore epoxy concrete floor

Hog slat or Hog process floors can be rebuilt, restored and repaired with specially formulated epoxy products.  HD110 Concrete Repair Patch is capable of excellent pig floor, pig slat repairs.
Three part kit can be used to successfully rebuild these floors.  Steps:

  • Clean/pressure wash floor of all debris and allow to dry
  • Remove any scale or loose concrete using grinder or wire brush
  • Mix HD110 Concrete Repair Patch to the desired viscosity
    • Less aggregate for a resin rich, self leveling product
    • More aggregate for an aggregate rich trowel grade product
  • Once placed allow to cure 8 hours
  • Animal traffic may resume after 12 hours at 70 degrees

Polyurea Crack Filler Concrete Floor Repair

Allentown, PA.- Industrial concrete floors used for manufacturing and warehousing can be repaired with polyurea crack fillers.  Polyurea is fast drying, bonds slabs and is flexible.  In addition, can be used in cold environments, freezers too!  The picture below was taken by Concrete Floor Solutions,  Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Consider them for industrial concrete floor polishing, heavy duty Firehouse floors and food manufacturing flooring.

Xtreme-Set 100 is the most used product for this cause.  It represents the best in this product arena.
Can be obtained at Legacy Industrial, Orlando Florida.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Warm Satin Gloss Concrete Floor Sealer Garage Hobby Shop

Looking for a good garage floor concrete clear floor sealer?  Want protection for your pole barn or hobby shop cement floor?  Want to stain too?

Consider SEC Sealer from Legacy Industrial.  A warm satin gloss with excellent chemical and wear resistance characteristics.  A long pot-life, low/no smell and excellent results over raw or stained concrete.  Great for garage floors, coffee shops, retail stores, pole barns, home shops....

In addition, consider DeltaDye Water Based Concrete Stain prior to sealing for a one-off concrete floor.  Many more colors to choose from then acid-stain and safer too!

Check out these pics!!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Restore Renew Swimming Pool-Deck or Patio DIY Style!!

Looking to transform or restore an ugly pool deck, walkway or patio?  Restoring pool decks, side walks, balconies and patios is easy with the correct system.  DIY systems are available with very good results or use a handyman to make your gathering place something to behold.  These basic steps are a good start (see below).  The individual system you purchase or specify will have more detailed instructions.

  1. Make sure your deck is able to be coated
    1. Deck must be structurally stable
    2. Cannot be in a low lying or flood prone area
  2. Prepare it correctly
    1. Diamond grind (rent locally) the surface
    2. Make repairs using epoxy patches and crack-fillers
    3. Be sure to grind any uneven or textured areas very well
  3. Select the right system
    1. Legacy Industrial supplies a DIY system... TrafficDek!
    2. This type of technology is not found in a box-store
  4. Gather some help and make a plan
    1. Get to it
    2. Harness some "buddy power"
  5. Enjoy your hard work!!