Thursday, September 3, 2015

Garage concrete floor coating preparation diamond grinding using Diamabrush Prep Tool

Garage epoxy floor coating survival results improve dramatically when the homeowner or DIY prepares the floor correctly.  100% solids epoxy and garage floor paint adhere to concrete much better when the floor has been "diamond ground".  A great way to do this is to utilize the Diamabrush Concrete Prep Tool or Prep Tool Plus.  These tools are available for purchase or can be rented at The Home Depot Rental Store or better home rental centers.

The Diamabrush tool is attached to a floor maintainer or floor buffer.  This "buffer" is also rented from the The Home Depot Rental Store as part of a package.  The staff can demonstrate the best and safest way to use the tool.  Make sure you ask for a demonstration before leaving.  The package (tool and buffer) rents for approx. $100.00 per day (market dependent).

Once the unit is plugged in and the user has donned the appropriate hearing, breathing and eye protection it is time to get started.  The unit should be guided slowly across the floor much the same way one reads a book.  Left to right and top to bottom.  Slow movement will ensure the unit abrades the floor correctly, turning much of the floor white.  The entire floor will not be white and nor should you attempt to grind the floor flat.  Your objective is to grind the floor enough for good adhesion.

This unit will make some dust.  If it is not equipped with a dust shroud be prepared to keep a fan moving the air and have a partner sweep the errant dust into piles.  Some choose to grind wet. It is important to note this is a very sloppy and messy way to grind and we do not recommend it.

Edges should be ground using a small hand tool with either a diamond cup wheel or a Diamabrush hand tool.  Soft pressure coupled with even movements makes for better results.

Once the entire floor is properly ground be sure to broom and blow the dust from the garage floor.  If residue remains a pressure washer can be utilized to remove the excess dust residue.