Thursday, March 27, 2014

Commercial bathroom floors using Legacy Industrial Epoxy Coatings.

Commercial bathroom floors are no problem for Legacy Industrial's Epoxy Coatings.  Good chemical resistance coupled with ease of use allow the applicator to enjoy a great looking, great wearing flooring system.

Key flooring elements required in a bathroom setting are a seamless surface, high resistance to human fluids/cleaning chemicals and high traffic.  Pigmented urethane with an appropriate amount of Soft-Skid (anti-skid material) is the perfect topcoat, fending off discoloring and premature wear.

The system shown is:

  1. Legacy Industrial's HD139 Primer
  2. Legacy Industrial's SD 100% solids epoxy coating
  3. HD322 Pigmented Urethane.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Barn Build using Legacy Industrial Epoxy Coatings

Our good customer Chad took on over 5000 sq ft of concrete floor with his pals. They applied (2) coats of Legacy Industrial's Standard Primer/Coating with a protective topcoat of
Great Job Chad and Thank you!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Acid Stained Concrete for Airplane Hangars, Workshops and more!

We have had many customers embrace acid-staining lately.  We wanted to highlight a few.  This medium is not hard to execute and the results are absolutely stunning as well as functional!  Works well for airplane hangars, workshops, garages and more.  All of our customers seal with high quality Legacy Industrial Brand Sealers!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Acid Staining concrete floors

Acid stained floors, that are sealed properly really are a marvel to behold. Today, this medium is being used to decorate far more than museums and restaurants. DIY are taking it everywhere; garages, living rooms, porches, patios, etc...

Easy to apply, in fact a mistake or misstep can be considered part of the art-work. Cracks become serpents or winding colorful rivers, pock marks can be icons, etc...

When considering a sealer (sealers are mandatory). Consider traffic, location, spills and desired finish. Acrylics are the beginning or entry level sealers, moving up to epoxies and finally polyaspartic finishes for enhanced protection. Consider Legacy Industrial for your next project. We stock the highest quality acid stains and sealers.