Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dr. Phillips, FL Epoxy Garage Floor Installations

Dr. Phillips residents have been contacting Legacy Industrial for epoxy garage floor installations.  Customers have been opting for Legacy Industrial's premium tri-coat, high gloss, floor systems to lighten, brighten and turn ordinary garage floors into SHOWROOM FLOORS.  The floors pictured are the same floor.  This customer longed for a show-room like space to show off a vintage vehicle.  The floor was badly contaminated and also featured a tremendous crack across the center (as pictured).  Our floor technicians prepared and filled the crack with  Legacy Industrial's  HD-818 crack filler.  This product can be applied and immediately coated over while still wet!

Before, note the large crack going across the garage

After, crack gone.  Floor looks AMAZING!!
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Friday, May 11, 2012

Diamabrush Hand Tool available at Legacy Industrial

Diamabrush has released a revolutionary new hand tool attachment that works with your angle grinder, 7"  and 5" models.  These tools will replace acid etching and grinder rentals in the garage floor coating industry for the DIY user.  With the addition of a dust shroud a motivated end-user can accurately, safely and cleanly prepare his garage floor for the epoxy coating process.

Please contact Legacy Industrial at 908-269-8300 to order this excellent, invaluable tool for garage floor preparation.  Visit HDEPOXY.COM for more information on this and other garage floor coating tools and accessories.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Epoxy garage floor, clean and new!

The epoxy garage floor pictured is a (3) car garage in Basking Ridge, NJ.  Basking Ridge is near Bedminster, Mendham and Chester, NJ.  Epoxy garage floor systems will help you to clean and beautify your garage space.  Let Legacy Industrial help you with a DIY kit or a full turn-key installation (pictured).  Either way you will be pleased with an impressive outcome.
During coatings preparation

Standard Primer, HD Coating, HD356VOC (tri-coat in beige)

Clean, new and ready for action!
Legacy Industrial ships DIY kits and accessories to 49 US states and Canada.  The benefit of using a Legacy kit is the personalized help you will receive for your project.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to make soft concrete hard?

As a leading manufacturer in concrete treatments (concrete densifier), Legacy Industrial is often called upon to help homeowners and contractors cure the ills of a poor concrete mix or failed installation.

One of the most common inquiries relates to the hardness of a concrete slab.  Often times this is a garage.  We see this the most in the garage as this is usually the last concrete pour on a job and therefore is given the worst of the concrete or the worst of the installer, sometimes both.

Legacy Industrial is referred to as the "Gold Standard" in lithium densifier technology as our products are often the measure of effectiveness in this industry.   Densifiers are typically used to make good concrete better.  Better, meaning harder and more dust-proof.

This technology relies upon a critical element in the concrete being present and in great quantity, free lime.  Without free (unhydrated) lime there is no reaction to take place.  Without this reaction the concrete is not made "harder" or more "dust proof". 

Therefore if you have "soft concrete" that is flush with free lime you can improve it's density with a Legacy Industrial densifier.  If you have a weak, sandy, lime free cap you will not see any remarkable improvement. 

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