Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Legacy Standard Epoxy Garage Kit

A customer from Lancaster, PA recently decided to transform his garage's concrete floor to a durable, attractive showplace using Legacy Industrial's Standard Garage Floor Coating Kit. When you choose our kit you receive a REAL kit including:

  • Mixing Pail
  • Roller Cage
  • Pro Epoxy Mix Wand (fits your cordless drill)
  • Roller Sleeves
  • Enough Epoxy for (2) Full Coats, choice of (12) colors including "black"
  • Multi-Colored Flakes/Chips - customer's color choices from a selection of (12)
  • Vinyl Gloves
  • Instructions
  • Optional Chemical Resistant Clear Coat
When you pick Legacy Industrial's
Garage Floor Epoxy Chip Kit you get our knowledge and assistance, even on the weekend we are available via text or e-mail. CLICK HERE for Legacy Industrial's website store.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Tips for applying epoxy coating in hot weather.

When applying any coating system in warmer weather it is important to remember these key items.

  • Ventilation
  • Humidty
  • Material Temperature
Your safety is paramount. Read the MSDS and technical data on the material thoroughly. Open windows, doors and wear the proper PPE (personal protective device) for the job. If feeling dizzy or nauseous, stop work and seek medical attention immediately.

This is a concern for epoxy and urethane products. Epoxy can get cloudy if the humidity is too high when it is curing. Some urethanes (moisture cured urethanes) will activate faster as the humidity rises. Read the technical data for acceptable humidity levels.

Material Temperature.
Keep your epoxy and/or urethane material in a relatively cool area (70-75 deg. F) for the 24 hour period leading up to the project. It will help keep your working time in check. Hot epoxy can start to cure prematurely. A pro-installer may even keep his mixing bucket in a cool pan of water to slow the curing process down.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Colloidal Silica Densifier from Legacy Industrial

Legacy Industrial, the foremost manufacturer of concrete densifier in the world has announced today that they will be releasing a new colloidal silica densifier in coming months.

Colloidal Silica densifier has long been hailed as a premium densifier for concrete polishing, dust-proofing and generally protecting concrete from abrasion, freeze/thaw effects and general wear and tear. This product is a mainstay in the electronics and gemstone industries due to it's unique polishing properties.

This new line of colloidal silica densifier product will join Legacy Industrial's current offering of lithium based densifiers, concrete sealers and epoxies. These products have shaped the outline of Legacy Industrial's successful introduction to the marketplace many years ago.

Legacy Industrial will be issuing distributor agreements to interested parties and will offer an end-user direct product as well. Please contact Gail Engle at Legacy Industrial for more information, 908-269-8300 or CLICK HERE for the company's web-site