Saturday, April 16, 2016

What's new at Legacy Industrial for epoxy-kit customers?

Legacy Industrial Corp. is hard at work coming up with new and exciting epoxy concrete floor products to make garages, basements, hair salons, bars, restaurants and lobbies sparkle and shine!!

Epoxy garage coating kits are hot right now and Legacy has all the right epoxy floor coating kits for all the applications.  Here is the current line-up:

  • The original HD Garage Kit ordering process has been streamlined and pricing improved
    • Easy Rolling and price competitive
  • New!  SD Garage Kit System with Premium Tools 
    • The thickest and glossiest kit on the market- compare to Epoxy-Coat!
  • New! Metallic Garage Kit System with Premium Tools 
    • Cosmic looking floors come from this kit
    • Thick and glossy metallic floors!!

    Legacy Industrial Corp. is price competitive and customer-centric! Call 888-652-0333 and ask how we can help you make your concrete garage floor a showplace!

    Wednesday, April 13, 2016

    Nohr-S Polyurea, Nohr-Stain and Nohr-Acryl

    Updating the Nohr Products line has been a huge focus for Legacy Industrial Corp..  Nohr-S Polyurea the coating that revolutionized the coating industry started the ball rolling and helped take Legacy from a fish in the school to a trail-blazing Shark!!

    New products for 2016

    *Nohr-Stain a unique roll-on stain that dries quickly and has a striking resemblance to reactive/acid stain.

    *Nohr-Acryl a trend-setting permeable sealer with outstanding chemical resistance, unlike other products this sealer will be VERY affordable

    Look for these to hit later in 2016!!