Saturday, December 22, 2012

Windermere Florida epoxy garage floors by Legacy Industrial

Windermere, FL.  Specializing in premium garage floors, Legacy Industrial Garage Flooring provides polymer floor install and restoration services to the discriminating clients of Windermere using Legacy Industrial Corp.'s materials.  HD Epoxy, SD Epoxy, Xtreme Polyaspartic.  Don't paint or tile your garage floor.  Leave a Legacy on that floor!

Windermere subdivisions such as Keenes Pointe, IsleWorth,  Oxford Moor, Bellaria, Butler Bay, Casa Del Lago, Chain du Lac, Waterstone and many more are in our core geographical zone.

Contact Legacy Industrial Garage Floor Installs at 888-652-0333 for more information about local installations.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Legacy Industrial teams up with Thompson Racing!!

Thompson Racing, Horsham, PA recently utilized Legacy Industrial's SD High Build 100% Solids Floor coating to dress-up the team's race car maintenance facility.  Home of 1953 Corvette bodied "Never Satisfied" car.

Evan Thompson, the team's facilities and key parts manager chose Legacy Industrial for looks and durability.  Evan's team image is important to him and the rest of the crew.  Coming in second is never an option and they really are "NEVER SATISFIED".

To learn more about Thompson Racing, CLICK HERE.

Light Blue SD Epoxy Coating

Evan utilized a diamond grinder to prep the floor

Only a Super Duty coating would do for this team

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Epoxy Resurfacer for garage floor, Legacy Industrial

Soft, ugly, spally concrete garage floor?  Consider Legacy Industrial's SL epoxy floor coating to renew a bad floor.  After grinding the suspect surface and a thorough cleaning this product can save you the GREEN.

Coat 1: Legacy Industrial's SL epoxy coating

Note the notched squeegee used to spread the SL.

Topcoated with Legacy's SD, flaked and cleared.

Contact Legacy Industrial at or 908-269-8300.

Smoothing a garage floor, Legacy Industrial

Before- spalled, cracked and rough concrete surface
Pre-Fill cracks with Legacy Industrial's Xtreme Set 100 Crack Filler
 Spalled concrete garage floor?
Cracks?  Have you been told to re-pour the floor?  Huge expensive, evasive project?
Contact Legacy Industrial for a DIY system that will make your floor look like new!
Restoring a smooth floor, leaving a clean heavy duty floor for your car, motorcycle or soccer van.

Pull LI's SL Coating over the surface using notched squeegee

After- Final coated using Legacy's SD Full Flake Kit 
Contact Legacy Industrial Corp., or 888-652-0333.
Product Links:
Legacy Industrial's SL Coating
Legacy Industrial's Xtreme Set 100
Legacy Industrial's SD Full Flake Kit

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

McCall Events choose Legacy Industrial Coatings!!

Hidden near the Monterey Airport in sunny Monterey, California is a place that some are calling "Car Guy Heaven" !  Gordon McCall of McCall Events has opened a new facility which caters to today's car aficionado and tomorrow's entrepreneur.

Monterey Hi-Way Self Storage is what they call it.  However, it's not the type of self-storage place you would imagine...

  • Wine Storage
  • Car Lifts
  • Cigar Valet
  • Freight agent
  • Super Customized Units (floor, air conditioning and Legacy Industrial Floors!!)
All this coupled with the ambiance and fever generated by the McCall name creates a one of a kind storage experience.  When choosing floor coating materials McCall wanted the best, Legacy Industrial.  When you have the folks at Monterey Hi-Way Self Storage help design your man-cave ask for a durable, cleanable Legacy Industrial floor, you won't be sorry.   HD6600 Wet Look Sealer is the product most requested at Monterey Hi-Way Self-Storage.

McCall Events 
Monterey Hi-Way Self Storage
Legacy Industrial's HD-6600 Concrete Sealer

Monterey Hi-Way Self Storage is a Car Guy's Heaven!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Epoxy Garage Floors by Legacy Industrial

Have a castle with a bad floor?  Is your estate lacking in the garage?  Are you ready to make your home stand out from the pack?

Call Legacy Industrial for help with your DIY garage project, contract us directly for a turn-key floor project or connect with an approved installer.

Our floor coatings will not disappoint and it will make your garage better than the comparable homes in your neighborhood.  K.Hovnanian, Lennar and Premier Builders all choose Legacy Industrial products for exclusive new home projects.

Call 908-269-8300 for more information.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Real Housewives of NJ, Epoxy Garage Floor

Finished floor completes this palatial estate

Finished product, beautiful epoxy terrazzo

Adding colored flakes to fresh 100% solids epoxy


Montville housewives in NJ love Legacy Industrial's epoxy garage floor systems.  Choose colors that represent terrazzo or granite and turn that dreary utilitarian space into an extension of your tastefully furnished interior.  Easy to clean, glossy and bright are the terms we hear from our customers.
Call today for help with your DIY epoxy garage project or have Legacy Industrial do the entire project for you.  Call 908-269-8300 today!  Molto Bene!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Epoxy Garage Floors Ocoee FL

Before- failing Big Box Store coating

After- Legacy Tri-Coat Epoxy/Urethane System

Close Up- Medium Gray, System # 2 Flakes

Ocoee, FL near Winter Garden and Gotha FL is a prime installation area for Legacy Industrial Epoxy Garage Flooring installations.  The floor shown is a fine example of Legacy Industrial taking a failed, unsightly "Big Box" coated garage and turning it into an attractive showplace.

This customer was blown away by the value he received for his investment.  Call Legacy Industrial today for help with your DIY project or a no-obligation estimate of your unsightly floor,888-652-0333.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Windermere, FL Epoxy Garage Flooring with Class!

Soft Colors, easy to place your car in this space

Gloss adds Class

You tell us your favorite car/motorcycle!

Windermere, FL near Gotha and Winter Garden  is Ground Zero for Legacy Industrial Premium Epoxy Garage Flooring Installations.

A recent client wanted (2) premium floors.  One for the Mrs. and one for the Mr.  The garage received a treatment of Tri-Coat with a medium flake density and the Mr. received his favorite Ferrari logo.  Molto Benne!!

Creating your own auto-mecca is easy with Legacy Industrial's help.  DIY or turn-key installation we can guide you through the process.

Call: 888-652-0333 for help on your floor.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Epoxy Garage Floor Orlando FL

Completing an epoxy garage floor in nearby Orlando, FL the photos give a chronological look at the job from start to finish.  This particular project was approx. 900 sq ft. and was completed using the following garage flooring system from Legacy Industrial.

  1. Preparation: Low speed buffer with Diamabrush 25 grit concrete prep tool
  2. Edging prepared using Diamabrush 4.5" hand tool w/ variable speed grinder
  3. Primer: Legacy Industrial's Standard Epoxy Primer/Coating (Phazor Tan)
  4. Base Coat" Legacy Industrial's SD Premium Epoxy Coating (Phazor Tan)
  5. Heavy Chip Broadcast, System # 3
  6. Topcoat: Legacy Industrial's HD356VOC Aliphatic Urethane 

Removal of garage items, inventory materials
Remove existing paint and prep floor using the Diamabrush Head

Primer Coat- Standard Epoxy Primer/Coating

Applying HD356VOC Urethane Clear over chips

Complete Floor (note stem wall was coated in a subtle color)
 Contact Legacy Industrial 888-652-0333 for a local estimate or help with your DIY flooring project.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dr. Phillips, FL Epoxy Garage Floor Installations

Dr. Phillips residents have been contacting Legacy Industrial for epoxy garage floor installations.  Customers have been opting for Legacy Industrial's premium tri-coat, high gloss, floor systems to lighten, brighten and turn ordinary garage floors into SHOWROOM FLOORS.  The floors pictured are the same floor.  This customer longed for a show-room like space to show off a vintage vehicle.  The floor was badly contaminated and also featured a tremendous crack across the center (as pictured).  Our floor technicians prepared and filled the crack with  Legacy Industrial's  HD-818 crack filler.  This product can be applied and immediately coated over while still wet!

Before, note the large crack going across the garage

After, crack gone.  Floor looks AMAZING!!
Contact Legacy Industrial for a no-cost estimate or help with your DIY project. ,888-652-0333

Friday, May 11, 2012

Diamabrush Hand Tool available at Legacy Industrial

Diamabrush has released a revolutionary new hand tool attachment that works with your angle grinder, 7"  and 5" models.  These tools will replace acid etching and grinder rentals in the garage floor coating industry for the DIY user.  With the addition of a dust shroud a motivated end-user can accurately, safely and cleanly prepare his garage floor for the epoxy coating process.

Please contact Legacy Industrial at 908-269-8300 to order this excellent, invaluable tool for garage floor preparation.  Visit HDEPOXY.COM for more information on this and other garage floor coating tools and accessories.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Epoxy garage floor, clean and new!

The epoxy garage floor pictured is a (3) car garage in Basking Ridge, NJ.  Basking Ridge is near Bedminster, Mendham and Chester, NJ.  Epoxy garage floor systems will help you to clean and beautify your garage space.  Let Legacy Industrial help you with a DIY kit or a full turn-key installation (pictured).  Either way you will be pleased with an impressive outcome.
During coatings preparation

Standard Primer, HD Coating, HD356VOC (tri-coat in beige)

Clean, new and ready for action!
Legacy Industrial ships DIY kits and accessories to 49 US states and Canada.  The benefit of using a Legacy kit is the personalized help you will receive for your project.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to make soft concrete hard?

As a leading manufacturer in concrete treatments (concrete densifier), Legacy Industrial is often called upon to help homeowners and contractors cure the ills of a poor concrete mix or failed installation.

One of the most common inquiries relates to the hardness of a concrete slab.  Often times this is a garage.  We see this the most in the garage as this is usually the last concrete pour on a job and therefore is given the worst of the concrete or the worst of the installer, sometimes both.

Legacy Industrial is referred to as the "Gold Standard" in lithium densifier technology as our products are often the measure of effectiveness in this industry.   Densifiers are typically used to make good concrete better.  Better, meaning harder and more dust-proof.

This technology relies upon a critical element in the concrete being present and in great quantity, free lime.  Without free (unhydrated) lime there is no reaction to take place.  Without this reaction the concrete is not made "harder" or more "dust proof". 

Therefore if you have "soft concrete" that is flush with free lime you can improve it's density with a Legacy Industrial densifier.  If you have a weak, sandy, lime free cap you will not see any remarkable improvement. 

Please contact Legacy Industrial at 908-269-8300 for more information.
CLICK HERE for the web-site.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Premium Garage Floor Installations in FL by Legacy Industrial

Legacy Industrial's floor installations division has been installing premium flooring systems for discriminating home-owners and estate manager's throughout Central Florida.  The floor pictured is located in Keenes Pointe, Windermere, FL.

These flooring systems are installed by factory trained and authorized Legacy Industrial installers, Legacy Industrial licensed franchise owners and Legacy's own garage installation crews.

These floors take approximately 4 days to install depending on the condition of the floor being prepared and the system level that is selected.  Most floors are completed using this process:

  1. Diamond Grind floor surface with a dust collection system in order to achieve a proper profile.
  2. Edges and stationary items are hand-ground wherever a walk-behind machine cannot reach.
  3. Floor is swept and vacuumed. 
  4. Re-coating an existing epoxy floor will include a surface sanding/scuffing and a solvent wipe.
  5. Cracks are filled and ground flush.
  6. Joints are left as-is unless customer requests a filling and grinding prior to the proposal process.
  7. Apply a high solids epoxy primer coat (extremely important to the final result and longevity of the system)
  8. Apply a 100% solids epoxy base coat (the highest grade of epoxy coating available)
  9. Optional: broadcast decorative flake in, light, medium or full-chip density.
  10. Optional: Apply a Moisture Cured Clear Urethane Glaze over top with optional skid resistance (Soft-Skid)
    1. We highly recommend this urethane glaze on every project, it will quadruple gloss longevity, chemical resistance, scratch resistance and UV protection.
Post grinding, prior to coating
Concrete stem wall color matched to floor color for continuity
    Call Legacy Industrial's flooring division for more information and a no-obligation consultation.
Light Gray with Domino Flake


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to prepare garage floor for epoxy?

Vac used to control dust
Weight added for better grinding
Coating removal is not fast or fun but neccessary
How do I prepare my garage floor for coatings? How do I remove paint from my concrete floor?
Where do I rent a diamond grinder? What diamond grinder do I rent?

These are the questions we hear everyday from woeful DIY clients looking to make the home garage into a GARAGE MAHAL, MAN CAVE, BROMANSION, etc....

If you have floor coatings on your floor your best bet is to rent a small walk behind diamond grinding machine. The smaller machine (single head) is good for around 1000 sq ft.

If you have greater than 1000 sq ft consider a dual head machine for added efficiency and power.

The machine pictured is made by Edco and is very popular at rental houses. Rents for 200-250.00 per day. Edco recommends the strip-serts for coating removal and dyma-serts for concrete grinding.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Garage epoxy floor installations by Legacy Industrial

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware customers have epoxy garage floor installations humming at Legacy Industrial. Legacy Industrial the Nation's foremost supplier of epoxy floor coatings, concrete repair products and densifier is hitting the Spring of 2012 hard with fresh installations being completed everyday. The record warmth being experienced throughout the North-East is causing a boom time for garage floor epoxy installations.

Legacy Industrial's flooring division formerly known for it's work in the industrial/pharma sector transitioned into the premium epoxy garage floor market in 2010. Since then Legacy Industrial has installed hundreds of high quality, long lasting, premium flooring systems for home-owners and builders across the North-East.

Specializing in multi-colored full-chip, medium broadcast and bare epoxy systems Legacy Industrial gives the customer the ability to create a custom floor. With over 13 standard colors, hundreds of chip combinations and the ability to custom mix any color for clients, Legacy Industrial puts the power of it's Master Palette into the homeowners hands.

Contact Rhonda at Legacy Industrial for more information and a complimentary consultation with a concrete floor expert, 908-269-8300.  The floor pictured is in Bernardsville, NJ.  Bernardsville is near Mendham and Bedminster, NJ.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Legacy Industrial New Web Site and Sale Promotion

Legacy Industrial, the nation's premier supplier of epoxy floor coatings, concrete repair materials and decorative concrete products will be launching a new web site and new March 2012 sales promotion, March Madness!!

  • 7% off all products for the month of March
  • Free Shipping, as always
  • Save on garage epoxy kits, concrete stain, densifiers, everything!!
Visit Legacy's new site and save big for your Spring coating project!!