Sunday, June 3, 2012

Epoxy Garage Floor Orlando FL

Completing an epoxy garage floor in nearby Orlando, FL the photos give a chronological look at the job from start to finish.  This particular project was approx. 900 sq ft. and was completed using the following garage flooring system from Legacy Industrial.

  1. Preparation: Low speed buffer with Diamabrush 25 grit concrete prep tool
  2. Edging prepared using Diamabrush 4.5" hand tool w/ variable speed grinder
  3. Primer: Legacy Industrial's Standard Epoxy Primer/Coating (Phazor Tan)
  4. Base Coat" Legacy Industrial's SD Premium Epoxy Coating (Phazor Tan)
  5. Heavy Chip Broadcast, System # 3
  6. Topcoat: Legacy Industrial's HD356VOC Aliphatic Urethane 

Removal of garage items, inventory materials
Remove existing paint and prep floor using the Diamabrush Head

Primer Coat- Standard Epoxy Primer/Coating

Applying HD356VOC Urethane Clear over chips

Complete Floor (note stem wall was coated in a subtle color)
 Contact Legacy Industrial 888-652-0333 for a local estimate or help with your DIY flooring project.

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