Sunday, July 31, 2016

Epoxy garage kits for hobby & industrial shops too- many pics!

Don't let the word "garage kit" turn you away when coating your industrial space or hobby shop concrete floor.  Kits made by Legacy Industrial are Industrial Grade!  Short-cuts are not made on the quality of the product supplied or the customer-service provided.    Enjoy the pictures below from a recent customer's project.  Keep in mind, this is Mr. Andrew's first epoxy floor system and he did a magnificent job!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What is the best color for a concrete garage floor?

Picking a color for your concrete garage floor is important business!!  Pick the right combination and your garage will POP!

Here are a few tips that will help you make the right choice!!

  • Lighter is bigger and brighter
    • Shows less scratches over time
    • Reflects overhead lighting very well
  • Darker is smaller, more cozy
    • Shows dirt and scratches much easier
    • Can look dramatic
  • Stay in the same tone as your walls
    • Tan walls: White floor
    • White walls: tan or gray floor
    • Gray wall: light gray or white floor
    • Blue walls: gray floor
    • etc...
  • Don't forget the flakes/chips
    • Add flakes/chips/flecks to your epoxy coating for added bling
    • Hides dirt, scratches, imperfections in the floor
    • Adds interest 
  • Think Safety First
    • Add anti-skid to whatever coating you decide for safety
  • Our pick for best color?

Monday, July 11, 2016

Epoxy garage coating suppliers scamming the public, beware!

We recently talked with some customers that told us about the conversations had with some epoxy companies serving the DIY garage floor market.  There are some real hucksters out there and they make the wildest and most outlandish claims.   Here are some things to look out for:

  • Military Grade Coatings or "backed by the Army or Navy"
    • The military uses all types of coatings from all types of vendors
    • The military does not BACK "for profit" coatings companies
    • The military uses E-Coatings for equipment and mostly paint for floors
    • The military offers specifications that coatings companies must meet
    • The military issues bids for large projects, low buck providers may win
    • Using phony military claims is not good business or being straight with users
    • The USDA is not in the business of approving any products
    • The USDA sets guidelines for clean floors
    • Anyone making this claim is not being forthright
  • Powdered Etch
    • Not the a reliable way to prepare a floor
    • Responsible for many unprepared surfaces, that later will peel
    • Catering to the "do-little, get less crowd"
    • Grind for the best surface, get a Diamabrush or Diamond Grinder
  • Professional Squeegee
    • If you are not using a solvent resistant 18" long or better squeegee it is not "pro"
  • Lifetime Guarantee
    • Read the fine print!
    • Unless the manufacturer installs, your warranty is useless
    • Feckless backing that encourages you to buy

The best result does not cost the least as a failed floor will cost you 3x to correct.  Do it once, do it right and avoid these outlandish claims.  

Monday, July 4, 2016

Tips for using epoxy coatings in warm weather.

Epoxy coatings can be utilized to create a heavy-duty floor covering on your concrete, shop or garage, floor.  Epoxy-Urethane flooring coating systems are among the most chemical/wear resistant and resilient concrete garage floor coatings available.  However a user still must consider the changes he will have to make when using a product that relies on an exothermic reaction to properly cure in a hot climate.

It should be noted that these coatings can be and are used in the hottest of climates including South-Florida and the Caribbean everyday with excellent results.  These tips are not a warning but only a helpful reminder so that your floor project comes out great!!  Good luck!

  • Plan your system installation 
    • ie: Friday evening prime, Saturday base coat, etc...
  • Know your products data
    •  ie: cures in 7 hours at 70 degrees f., 30 min. pot-life, etc...
  • Talk to the manufacture about any questions you may have
    • Are there any temperature or humidity limitations?
  • Check the weather
    • Don't coat when rain is imminent
    • Don't coat if the temperature is outside the products temperature range
  • In very hot weather, store coatings in your conditioned home or basement
    • If conditioned areas are not available, place in a shallow tub of cool water
  • Add hands for easier work
    • Solicit a co-worker or neighbor to help you get the job done
  • Start early or late
    • Working in the hot afternoon is not advisable, go early or late for a better experience
  • Work expeditiously
    • Get the coatings mixed and down, no coffee breaks or chit-chats
  • Don't leave it in the bucket
    • Exothermic coatings left in a mixing bucket will heat up fast and begin to cure prematurely
  • Legacy Industrial customers know they can call anytime for help if they need it!!