Monday, July 4, 2016

Tips for using epoxy coatings in warm weather.

Epoxy coatings can be utilized to create a heavy-duty floor covering on your concrete, shop or garage, floor.  Epoxy-Urethane flooring coating systems are among the most chemical/wear resistant and resilient concrete garage floor coatings available.  However a user still must consider the changes he will have to make when using a product that relies on an exothermic reaction to properly cure in a hot climate.

It should be noted that these coatings can be and are used in the hottest of climates including South-Florida and the Caribbean everyday with excellent results.  These tips are not a warning but only a helpful reminder so that your floor project comes out great!!  Good luck!

  • Plan your system installation 
    • ie: Friday evening prime, Saturday base coat, etc...
  • Know your products data
    •  ie: cures in 7 hours at 70 degrees f., 30 min. pot-life, etc...
  • Talk to the manufacture about any questions you may have
    • Are there any temperature or humidity limitations?
  • Check the weather
    • Don't coat when rain is imminent
    • Don't coat if the temperature is outside the products temperature range
  • In very hot weather, store coatings in your conditioned home or basement
    • If conditioned areas are not available, place in a shallow tub of cool water
  • Add hands for easier work
    • Solicit a co-worker or neighbor to help you get the job done
  • Start early or late
    • Working in the hot afternoon is not advisable, go early or late for a better experience
  • Work expeditiously
    • Get the coatings mixed and down, no coffee breaks or chit-chats
  • Don't leave it in the bucket
    • Exothermic coatings left in a mixing bucket will heat up fast and begin to cure prematurely
  • Legacy Industrial customers know they can call anytime for help if they need it!!

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