Monday, July 11, 2016

Epoxy garage coating suppliers scamming the public, beware!

We recently talked with some customers that told us about the conversations had with some epoxy companies serving the DIY garage floor market.  There are some real hucksters out there and they make the wildest and most outlandish claims.   Here are some things to look out for:

  • Military Grade Coatings or "backed by the Army or Navy"
    • The military uses all types of coatings from all types of vendors
    • The military does not BACK "for profit" coatings companies
    • The military uses E-Coatings for equipment and mostly paint for floors
    • The military offers specifications that coatings companies must meet
    • The military issues bids for large projects, low buck providers may win
    • Using phony military claims is not good business or being straight with users
    • The USDA is not in the business of approving any products
    • The USDA sets guidelines for clean floors
    • Anyone making this claim is not being forthright
  • Powdered Etch
    • Not the a reliable way to prepare a floor
    • Responsible for many unprepared surfaces, that later will peel
    • Catering to the "do-little, get less crowd"
    • Grind for the best surface, get a Diamabrush or Diamond Grinder
  • Professional Squeegee
    • If you are not using a solvent resistant 18" long or better squeegee it is not "pro"
  • Lifetime Guarantee
    • Read the fine print!
    • Unless the manufacturer installs, your warranty is useless
    • Feckless backing that encourages you to buy

The best result does not cost the least as a failed floor will cost you 3x to correct.  Do it once, do it right and avoid these outlandish claims.  

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