Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Legacy Industrial 2020 Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes

 Happy Turkey-Day DIY AMERICA!!

This years discount menu for Black Friday, starting Friday November 27th 2020 12:00AM, Ending 12:00PM.

Nohr-S® Polyurea Garage Kits (Full Flake Pigmented, Clear), 10% off, code: turkey10

HellFire® Concrete Coating Kit, 10% off, code: turkey10

Nohr-S® Polyurea Kits and HellFire Kits will also feature 25% off Premium Tool Kits, no code needed.

DeltaDye® Concrete Stain & HD6600-MMA Concrete Sealer 15% off, code: turkey15

Thank-you for your patronage and Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

(no rebates, adjustments or combo discounts please)

Monday, September 21, 2020

DeltaDye® Water Based Concrete Stain New Colors & Improved Formula!

 DeltaDye® Water Based Concrete Stain New Colors & Improved Formula by Legacy Industrial Corp.

After giving careful consideration to our customer's suggestions, comments and feedback we were able to change our color palette and upgrade the formulation. -LINK TO DELTADYE®-

Colors: (18) amazing and vibrant new colors

Formulation: Serious penetration & NO surface dusting or accumulation to deal with!

Q: What about the old colors?

A: They were discontinued on 8/31/20.  We have a small inventory of the old colors in sample-size packaging available here: -LINK TO OLD COLORS-

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Nohr-S® Polyurea Install Garage Video DIY Concrete Coating

 Howdy Folks!

We have a new Nohr-S® Polyurea Install Video.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Premium Tool Kits receive improvements!! Polyurea Garage Kits

Are you interested in a Legacy Industrial Polyurea Garage Kit?
Well, you will be happy to know we have improved our Premium Tool Kit!!
We listened to our users and made the following changes as of 6/10/20...

  • Increase quantity of Paint Trays from 2pcs to 3pcs
  • Paint Trays are now made from recycled plastic
  • 18" Roller Frame is now much more robust
  • Increased Chip Brushes from 2pcs to 3pcs

Friday, May 15, 2020

Garage Condos! The Future

Check out this video!  New concept in The Garage World!  We were lucky enough to supply the floor-coatings for these units.  Our Nohr-S Polyurea Kit Clear.
Learn More About MMP from Monterey Motorsport Park on Vimeo.