Tuesday, September 4, 2012

McCall Events choose Legacy Industrial Coatings!!

Hidden near the Monterey Airport in sunny Monterey, California is a place that some are calling "Car Guy Heaven" !  Gordon McCall of McCall Events has opened a new facility which caters to today's car aficionado and tomorrow's entrepreneur.

Monterey Hi-Way Self Storage is what they call it.  However, it's not the type of self-storage place you would imagine...

  • Wine Storage
  • Car Lifts
  • Cigar Valet
  • Freight agent
  • Super Customized Units (floor, air conditioning and Legacy Industrial Floors!!)
All this coupled with the ambiance and fever generated by the McCall name creates a one of a kind storage experience.  When choosing floor coating materials McCall wanted the best, Legacy Industrial.  When you have the folks at Monterey Hi-Way Self Storage help design your man-cave ask for a durable, cleanable Legacy Industrial floor, you won't be sorry.   HD6600 Wet Look Sealer is the product most requested at Monterey Hi-Way Self-Storage.

McCall Events 
Monterey Hi-Way Self Storage
Legacy Industrial's HD-6600 Concrete Sealer

Monterey Hi-Way Self Storage is a Car Guy's Heaven!!

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