Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to prepare garage floor for epoxy?

Vac used to control dust
Weight added for better grinding
Coating removal is not fast or fun but neccessary
How do I prepare my garage floor for coatings? How do I remove paint from my concrete floor?
Where do I rent a diamond grinder? What diamond grinder do I rent?

These are the questions we hear everyday from woeful DIY clients looking to make the home garage into a GARAGE MAHAL, MAN CAVE, BROMANSION, etc....

If you have floor coatings on your floor your best bet is to rent a small walk behind diamond grinding machine. The smaller machine (single head) is good for around 1000 sq ft.

If you have greater than 1000 sq ft consider a dual head machine for added efficiency and power.

The machine pictured is made by Edco and is very popular at rental houses. Rents for 200-250.00 per day. Edco recommends the strip-serts for coating removal and dyma-serts for concrete grinding.

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