Sunday, April 29, 2012

Premium Garage Floor Installations in FL by Legacy Industrial

Legacy Industrial's floor installations division has been installing premium flooring systems for discriminating home-owners and estate manager's throughout Central Florida.  The floor pictured is located in Keenes Pointe, Windermere, FL.

These flooring systems are installed by factory trained and authorized Legacy Industrial installers, Legacy Industrial licensed franchise owners and Legacy's own garage installation crews.

These floors take approximately 4 days to install depending on the condition of the floor being prepared and the system level that is selected.  Most floors are completed using this process:

  1. Diamond Grind floor surface with a dust collection system in order to achieve a proper profile.
  2. Edges and stationary items are hand-ground wherever a walk-behind machine cannot reach.
  3. Floor is swept and vacuumed. 
  4. Re-coating an existing epoxy floor will include a surface sanding/scuffing and a solvent wipe.
  5. Cracks are filled and ground flush.
  6. Joints are left as-is unless customer requests a filling and grinding prior to the proposal process.
  7. Apply a high solids epoxy primer coat (extremely important to the final result and longevity of the system)
  8. Apply a 100% solids epoxy base coat (the highest grade of epoxy coating available)
  9. Optional: broadcast decorative flake in, light, medium or full-chip density.
  10. Optional: Apply a Moisture Cured Clear Urethane Glaze over top with optional skid resistance (Soft-Skid)
    1. We highly recommend this urethane glaze on every project, it will quadruple gloss longevity, chemical resistance, scratch resistance and UV protection.
Post grinding, prior to coating
Concrete stem wall color matched to floor color for continuity
    Call Legacy Industrial's flooring division for more information and a no-obligation consultation.
Light Gray with Domino Flake



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  2. Your floor is so good-looking! We have got timber flooring that need being exposed and stained. I really like however your floor manifestation while not discolor!

    Rolland Grogg
    Apex Floors