Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Garage Journal highlights Legacy Industrial's Standard Concrete Sealer

The Garage Journal ( ) an extremely well executed web-site and forum revolving around anything garage related recently highlighted Legacy Industrial's Standard Epoxy Clear Sealer in a super cool garage build.

If you are into cars, tractors, auto racing, truck racing, metal-work, glass-work, antique vehicles, woodworking or any type of hobby activity involving a garage or hobby-shop space you need to see this site.  The "brain trust" that visits that forum everyday is insane.  Resources beyond your wildest dreams for barn building, garage construction, planning, concrete work, electrical, lighting, lifts, cabinets, flooring and everything related and beyond.

Check out our write-up on the site but visit www, once a week to catch-up on the posts and join in the fun!


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