Saturday, August 2, 2014

Deadliest Catch meets Legacy Industrial's Concrete Sealers.

Trident Seafoods, one of the largest harvesters and processors of seafood in the USA is in the background of the Deadliest Catch series on Discovery Channel.  Trident Seafoods operates shore based and sea based processing plants throughout Alaska.  When Sig from the "NorthWestern"  or Capt. Wild Bill of the "Cape Caution" offloads a crab-boat of fresh Alaskan crab they are likely being offloaded by a Trident Seafoods processing facility.

Recently, Trident Seafoods contacted Legacy Industrial to help keep EPA compliance for shore based processing plants.  They needed an easy to apply sealer that would help seal porous processing room floors.  Legacy Industrial,, offered HD6525MMA (methyl methacrylate based) as a solution to the issue.

HD6525MMA is available for DIY use in home garages, basements and anywhere and easy to roll, great looking clear sealer is required. 

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