Thursday, April 24, 2014

Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Kit FAQ for DIY

Garage floor epoxy coating kits are great!  They turn an otherwise dark, gloomy dirty space into a bright, clean and organized space.  Our list of FAQ below will help you with the more common questions asked by the DIY.

    1. Is a primer necessary?
      1. Yes, a primer is always recommended.  No primer offered?  Look for another brand or purchase a primer elsewhere.
      2. Primers can be omitted if re-coating over existing epoxy.
    2. Is a clear-coat necessary?
      1. No.  A Urethane or Polyaspartic clear coat is a great addition and will make your floor look better longer but is not a requirement.
      2.  Most clear coats are thin, excellent for carrying skid-resistance media.
    3. How much flake do I need?
      1. Most folks like (1) pound per 100 sq ft.  This looks great and still allows the coating to shine through.
    4. Do I have to prep if my floor is new or freshly poured?
      1. Yes, always have to prep.  Coatings do not like smooth surfaces.  Choose acid etch or diamond grinding for best results.
    5. Do I need skid-resistance?
      1. If you think you might, you should!  Safety First!
    6. Do I need to split the coatings into smaller batches?  
      1. Not if you use a Legacy Industrial kit, no splits just roll it.
    7. Should I work it from the bucket?
      1. No, mix and dump material out in ribbons, work it from the floor.
    8. How long do I wait for coating after my pour?
      1. 30 days minimum after a moisture test.
    9. How long will epoxy last?
      1. 40-50 years if applied correctly and kept clean!
    10. Where can I source these products?
      1. www.hdepoxy.com   of course!!

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