Saturday, October 23, 2010

Repairing concrete floor cracks with HD-821

Legacy Industrial's HD-821 Gel Crack Filler is the easiest way to pre-fill cracks and bug-holes in concrete. This strong yet flexible material is available in quart and gallon kits.

This is a one to one mixed product. Therefore, use what you need and save some for later repairs. Use a piece of paneling or scrap plywood to mix on. A margin trowel or spackle knife is good for mixing.

Grab a dollop of A and equal amount of B. Only take what you can install in 15 minutes.

Mix the (2) dollops until an even color is reached.

Spread into the crack or bug-hole using the margin trowel or spackle knife.
If you are going to coat the repair, leave as is. If you will not coat, excess can be scraped of with a razor-scraper once the product has tacked off.

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