Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Concrete polishing wet materials

Concrete polishing is largely a function of a diamond grind machine. However, wet materials are used to support/enhance the effectiveness and extend the life of the finished product.
We are taking about concrete densifier, and conditioner.

Concrete densifier:

A one component water based lithium based solution designed to densify cement and concrete substrates. The lithium based densifier reacts with the cementitious ingredients to densify while allowing deep penetration to chemically harden and fortify the substrate. This product is also available with the added benefit of a waterproofing agent.

Concrete conditioner:

A one component water based ultra small particle size self-crosslinking hydrophobic organic polymer and silane/siloxane designed specifically for use in the grind and polish of concrete/cement as a surface conditioner and stain guard.

Diamond polishing without these "wets" will result in a concrete surface lacking excellent surface strength, resistance to stains and sheen longevity.

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