Saturday, January 30, 2010

High Chemical improves cleanliness at Levittown, PA facility

High Chemical Company, manufacturer of Sarapin, chose to improve floor conditions at their Levittown, PA manufacturing facility.
(before picture shown)

Mr. Ito Cancio, Vice President of High Chemical, contacted Legacy Industrial, supplier of epoxy coatings and polymer repair products for concrete floors. He had (2) hot buttons.

  1. Create an attractive floor covering that reflected the outstanding quality and standards High Chemical represents in the product they manufacture
  2. Improve the light reflectivity and cleanliness
Ito chose Legacy Industrial's High Build Polymer Flooring System. This system consisted of an epoxy primer, HD-707LVP, and Legacy Industrial's premier high build coating, HD-707.

Mr. Cancio was very pleased with the end result and was quoted saying "The floor looks so nice, neat, and clean and it should help impress the FDA inspectors when they come for their annual GMP inspection before the end of the year."

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  1. I personally love to walk into a building that has floors like this one. I would definitely think the FA inspectors will like as well.