Saturday, June 26, 2010

Repairing concrete at theme parks and attractions

Theme parks present a unique challenge to concrete floor/deck repair. People. People constantly walking and using theme park facilities, a constant river of traffic. Seasonal theme parks typically residing in three season zones rely on the few months the park is closed to replace damaged areas, repouring concrete to it's original form and coating over wood and steel surfaces. They will utilize fast dry products for small repairs during the season.

Four Season theme parks like those found in Orlando, Florida, Southern Texas and California do not shut down. They maintain constant attendance, even on major holidays. These folks need products that will cure in a few hours, resemble the original substrate and offer good durability to traffic.

Legacy Industrial is a major supplier to these parks and their contractors. They offer concrete repair kits in a variety of cure times, textures and colors. Non-skid coatings formulated for wet areas, slippery ramps and stair-ways can be found here as well. Custom variations are also available for heavy use customers.

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