Sunday, June 20, 2010

Underwater Epoxy Crack Filler Paste, the real deal.

Legacy Industrial, Port Murray, NJ, recently launched a new product for true wet and underwater repair applications.

HD-601 Underwater Crack Sealant Epoxy Paste is excellent for repairing gunite pools, fountains, ponds, attractions, etc... Supplied in an easy to use kit form, follow these easy to use directions:

  1. Mix A & B (try a small amount to begin with)
  2. Prepare area for work by roughing up with wire brush
  3. Apply product using putty knife or steel trowel
  4. Apply great pressure to displace water trapped under material
  5. Allow to cure fully before allowing traffic
The entire kit, mixed, is equivalent to 3 gallons. The 2:1 mixing ratio allows the user to split the kit into smaller repairs decreasing wasted material.

Kits are available through Legacy Industrial , reachable by phone or e-mail ; 908-269-8300.

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