Friday, September 24, 2010

Several customers have asked about staining/dyeing concrete this week. They wanted to know the basics without searching half a dozen posts on the internet. Here it is, the very basics...

Staining Concrete Floors (adding color)
If you are planning a concrete slab project, indoors or outdoors, and you want to add colors consider adding dry dye to your mix. This is the easiest method.
  • Add your powder dye to your bag mix
  • Have your redi-mix truck driver add powder dye
  • Remember to seal when done, it will protect your color from fading
If you have an existing slab and want to make it fabulous...
  • Apply an acid concrete stain (using a plastic sprayer)
  • Apply an acetone dye (using an acetone sprayer)
Lastly, quick usage summary for these stains,

Acid Concrete Stain:
Order over internet, arrives at your house/business ready to be sprayed onto your slab(gallon form). Fill a plastic sprayer and begin spraying the slab, if hot moisten surface with water, add a mist of water if it is drying too fast (staining process stops if stain dries out). It will etch your slab sightly which will benefit you when you spray the stained concrete with acrylic sealer. Neutralize with baking soda once complete, allow to fully dry and seal. Be careful using this around people and metals, this is an acid, use appropriate PPD. CLICK HERE for complete instructions.

Acetone Dye:
Order over internet, arrives at your house/business in dry powder form. Go to hardware store, purchase acetone. Mix acetone with dry powder, place in special acetone sprayer. Apply to slab. Be careful not to bring acetone around ignition source, spark or flame, VOLATILE STUFF!!!
Seal once complete.

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