Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why and where should I use concrete densifier?

Contractors, end-users and home-owners should use concrete densifier for the following reasons:
  1. Control efflorescence (salts that are left behind as moisture passes through a masonry/stone/brick object or substrate)
  2. Dustproofer (controls dusting created by contact)
  3. Increase abrasion resistance (hardens top layer, approx. 3/16"
Where should they use it?

  1. All flat concrete slabs (inside or out)
  2. Foundations
  3. Concrete counter tops
  4. Bridges and Dikes
  5. Retaining wall blocks
  6. Paving stones
  7. Masonry facing
  8. Mortar joints
  9. Brick/block
  10. Natural stone
Where can they buy it from one gallon buckets up to 50 gallon drums?


  1. Chav: Integral color is a tough nut to crack as concrete is made differently across the country.
    In order to regain the wet look I would suggest (2) thin coats of Legacy Industrial's Easy Sealer. This product will get you the wet look bringing out the red in the concrete.

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