Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HD-36 Concrete Densifier fastest absorbtion rate

Legacy Industrial's extremely absorbent penetrating lithium densifier HD-36 has been recently awarded the prestigious rank of most penetrative sealer, by a third party testing facility in the Mid-West.

Several lithium and colloidal silicate based densifiers were tested in this head to head competition.
The base testing was performed on concrete countertops. Criteria ranged from timed rate of absorbtion with and without agitation, depth of penetration and density testing.

HD-36 excelled at all the tests, in fact the lab technician was in disbelief of the vast difference when the individual product data was compared across the board.

In summary, this lithium based concrete densifier is still the lowest priced, highest quality densifier on the market. Results will be published in an upcoming issue of Concrete Polishing Contractor Forum Magazine. Contact Legacy Industrial at 908-269-8300 or www.legacyindustrial.net

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