Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Garage Floor coating in winter

We received a flurry of cold-weather questions recently due to the cold snap hitting across the USA. We have good news for you weekend warriors tackling those garage coating projects during mother nature's nastiest months.

Fact: concrete floor coatings take the temperature of the substrate (not the air) almost immediately.
Fact: standard epoxy coatings will cure in colder weather, they will take longer to cure
Fact: Poly-Aspartic coatings will cure in really cold weather with little change in cure time

One of our recent customers, John from Minnesota, let me know that he applied our HD-707 High Build epoxy coating in a 40 degree garage and he did not have any issues with curing, not even at the door edge.

Another customer, Micky from Pittsburgh, applied our HD-344 Poly-Aspartic in a 17 degree garage. He applied (2) base coats with a clear top-coat and completed the project in one day!!

Therefore, don't hold back, hit those floors and let it shine!!
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