Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Patching cooler room floors.

So you have a cooler or freezer and the concrete floor is damaged. Probably near the entrance or where (2) slabs intersect.

Repair products using water are out. A water based product is going to either freeze before it cures or will not hit it's peak strength before a fork-truck runs over it. Not good.

What to do:

  1. Use a water based product anyway (naughty boy!)
  2. Raise the temperature
  3. Forget it and keep buying fork-truck tires (money to burn?)
Well, even if you could raise the air temperature, the floor temperature would lag about (2) days behind as concrete slabs change temperature very slowly. I hate to break this to you all but fork-truck repair companies mark tires up approx. 60- 70% + installation.

Your best bet is an epoxy repair patch designed to be used in coolers or freezers. They are formulated for fast cure and high early strength. Remember, moisture in a cooler/freezer is your enemy, that goes for the patch you use too.

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