Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Can you resurface a wet concrete floor? really?

There is a sector of the industrial marketplace that needs to resurface or repair concrete floors. However, these floors are in areas that are wet and can't be fully dried for a multitude of reasons. Mostly, they can't give up the area long enough for the drying to occur.

These folks include: Processed food plants, dairy plants, egg farms, meat/chicken processing and beverage plants.

In the past, they have:

  1. Done nothing
  2. Done nothing
  3. Done something that didn't work
Today, there are some options for these folks. Floor coating companies have developed water based epoxy products that have been mixed with portland type materials. When combined into a slurry they can be applied to wet and cool floors easily and with positive results. This breakthrough has saved many a food plant from audit infractions and the risk of being shut down.

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