Thursday, December 3, 2009

Living with problem floors.

I was walking with a customer a few months ago. This particular customer runs a small distribution center for a multinational snack manufacturer. The name of this company has been left out. However, it rhymes with Trito-Mays. You get the picture.

He had floor problems in his aisle ways. Two slabs intersected at an expansion joint. They had both been sinking creating a low spot. This low spot has been eating fork-truck tires and had begun to fall apart, creating a deeper void.

I asked him what he had been doing about it. He told me that his "handyman" patches it every other month and he keeps his fork-truck company in business with replacement tires. I asked him what these problems were costing him per month. He replied, "probably $1000.00 per quarter".

If problems are not addressed, they become part of the daily, weekly, and monthly budget.
A facility begins to work around the problem vs. spending a few dollars to repair it correctly.
After showing this client a sample of epoxy concrete patch he began to see the light and agreed to repair it correctly.

We visited him this week. He was thankful for the advice. His budget was thankful also.

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