Sunday, October 18, 2015

Seal Your Concrete Garage Floor, It's Not Too Late!

Advancements in epoxy concrete floor finishing techniques have opened up new opportunities for big-box retailers, warehouse operators and homeowners in the way they seal and maintain these concrete floors. In the past a homeowner or DIY looking to seal his/her concrete garage floor might paint it or apply a "water seal".

Some have even resorted to painting rust coatings on the concrete. Smooth, machine troweled, floors can be kept dust-free and protected from most garage/warehouse chemicals by applying a simple floor treatment and performing a minimal amount of maintenance.

Concrete StainGuard


Apply a Concrete StainGuard!
Yes, a simple but effective concrete stain-guard will do the following:
  • Eliminate dusting
  • Harden the surface
  • Block stains
  • Improve sheen (floor finish dependent)


Clean your floor!
  • Sweep out debris
  • Clean spills quickly


Enjoy your new clean floor sheen!

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