Monday, October 5, 2015

Cold weather concrete garage floor coatings

When night time low temperatures begin to hit 40 degrees it's time to start thinking about cure times and product usage.  Epoxies and urethanes typically have a recommended temperature range.  When you fall out of the recommended range you risk losing your warranty and your project can become at risk for failure.  This range is typically 50-90 degrees f.

Falling below the 50 degree f. mark not only extends the cure time but also exposes the uncured material to changes in humidity and contaminants in the air.  When you leave a product in this limbo/uncured state for too long, chemists will tell you that you have created a  "new" product.  In other words, they don't know how it will perform once it has been open for too long.

Consider using the following products for cooler weather (lows above 35 degrees)- CLICK HERE

  • Nohr-S Polyurea (a special blend of polyurea, polyaspartic and urethane)
  • Xtreme PolyAspartic (70, 80 and 100% solids 2 part)
  • Xtreme-Set Polyurea Crack/Joint Material (broadcast with sand or use neat)

The coating products (Nohr-S and Xtreme Polyaspartic Coating) can be used clear as a sealer and blended with tint to make a solid color.  In addition, they can be used with flakes and quartz.

It is wise to raise the temp in your space before using any of these.  Allow a few days and look for evidence of moisture as you raise the slab.  Allow slab and air-temp to get closer if moisture is present.  Keep in mind walls and transition areas can remain freezing even if the space is warmed. Test before you coat and always contact the manufacturer when in doubt.


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