Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Polyaspartic One Day Garage Floor, Legacy Industrial

Legacy Industrial offers the materials and the know-how to turn your Garage into the Garage Mahal, Man Cave or Play-Pen that you always wanted. Consult with us on your project as we offer Real-World application advice from people to have done this, not dreamed or theorized it from an office.

Polyaspartic Full Chip broadcasted floors are easy to install, excellent looking and long lasting. Legacy Industrial's materials are built for industry, not just a pretty face.

Here are the very basic steps:

  1. Diamond grind the surface and clean all dust from workspace.
  2. Pre-fill cracks and voids
  3. Apply your first coat of PAP(pigmented), begin broadcasting immediately or if your concrete is especially porous, call this your primer coat and add another coat as your base for the broadcasted chip. Use a .5" nap roller for these coats.
  4. Once broadcasted and cured, blow off loose chip, sand off high chip, blow again.
  5. Apply a liberal sealer coat of PAP using a squeegee and .25" nap roller.
  6. Call it done or allow to cure and apply an optional flood coat, adding non-skid media for slip resistance.
Products used:
  • Legacy Industrial's Xtreme Polyaspartic-80 SC, coat 1 & coat 2 @ 175 sq ft per gal
  • Legacy Xtreme Tint-Pack, "Sun-Buff"
  • 1/8" torginol flakes, B-421 "shoreline", rejection coverage
  • Legacy Industrial's Soft-Skid "Fine"





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