Saturday, December 28, 2013

Densifier, densifier and more densifier by Legacy Industrial.

Offering many densifier blends for many densifier applications is Legacy Industrial's goal. Too many manufacturers offer a one size fits all approach to treating concrete with silicates. Legacy Industrial takes this application approach to all product offerings, sealers, epoxies, urethanes and Polyaspartic/Polyureas.

Here are some common applications for concrete densifier:

  • Eliminating concrete dusting
  • Hardening the surface (polishing, traffic driven, impact driven)
  • Sealing against water intrusion
  • Sealing against radon intrusion
  • Fortifying under PSI concrete
  • Improving weather defense
  • Adding stain protection and sheen to "slick" troweled or polished concrete

Although even a basic densifier would aid all of these applications, a purpose built densifier blend using proprietary copolymers and silicate additives would truly be a solution.

Contact Legacy Industrial about these popular, application designed, densifier products:

  1. HD36 Concrete Densifier
  2. HD37 Concrete Densifier Plus
  3. HD39 Concrete Densifier and Water Repellent
  4. HD40 StainGuard Sealer
  5. HD017 Siloxane Sealer



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