Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Concrete densifier concentrate by Legacy Industrial

HD-7936C Lithium concrete densifier by Legacy Industrial was launched this week. Sales of the new product sky-rocketed as consumers demand a product that is strong on the floor and light on the wallet.

Legacy Industrial, Port Murray, NJ added this concrete densifier product to an all ready stocked line-up of densifier products. Starting at the beginning, here is the line-up
  • HD-7936 Lithium Concrete Densifier
  • HD-7936C Densifier Concentrate (1:3)
  • HD-7937 Concrete Densifier Plus (double lithium formula(
  • HD-7939 Concrete Densifier with added water repellent
  • HD-7940 Burnisher and Integral StainGuard (nano technology)

When you are talking densifiers talk to Legacy Industrial, the densifier experts.
Reach at 908-269-8300 or [email protected]

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