Thursday, April 28, 2011

Atomic Industry World Headquarters

Our friends at Atomic Industry asked us to supply our HD-356VOC Urethane Sealer, for concrete floors, on the main floor of the new world headquarters in Austin, TX. Atomic Industry is the company behind such great web-sites as; The Garage Journal, The Jalopy Journal and The Jockey Journal. In addition to these Atomic Industry owned sites they have a knack for designing some very clever "retro" looking web-sites, definitely one of a kind.

We selected our HD-356VOC Sealer as it is a great product for coating over stained or unstained natural concrete surfaces. Mungle Brothers of Texas provided preparation and installation services and performed an excellent installation on this project. Please enjoy the picture below. For a full look at this flooring project: CLICK HERE.

For more information on this and other concrete floor solutions, CLICK HERE.

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