Sunday, November 29, 2009

Marine deck coatings, what to use?

Boats used in salt water get abused. If you have ever taken a cruise you will notice that a portion of the crew is always working on the appearance of the boat. It is a non-stop function due to the abuse of the sun, salt-water and the wind.

It is a captain's and/or owner's responsibility to make sure that the boat is protected and that the walkways or decks are safe from slip/falls.

There are a few ways to accomplish this:
  • Coat the decks with an epoxy coating containing a non-skid additive
  • Coat the decks with deck paint and broadcast in a non-skid additive
  • Apply heavy duty non-skid tape
Commercial fishing vessels that process the catch on board or sort on deck need to maintain the deck surface as a matter of life or death. Fish netting/processing causes an excessive amount of slime/scum to build-up on the deck making it very hazardous for the mates. If you have watched the Deadliest Catch lately, you will get an appreciation for non-skid deck coatings. Those Bering Sea fishermen have to deal with ice build-up as well! Check out the blog from the show, it has some great stories.

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