Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fast and strong Concrete Floor Repair, real or myth?

Customers demand fast and strong.
Today's spending mantra is: Wait to the last minute and then get it done fast!

Fast and strong used to be diametrically opposed to one another. Yesterday's epoxy resins sacrificed strength and adhesion ability for fast cure. However, fast setting urethane formulations have changed this dramatically.

We now have urethane resins that when mixed with sand (flour grain silica) will produce extremely strong, fast setting (traffic in one hour or less) structural repairs.

Where are these used?
  • Theme Parks
  • 24 Hour Distribution Centers
  • 24 Hour Food Centers
  • Airport Taxi and Tarmac
  • Prison and Correctional Facilities
What are they being used for?

  • pot-hole repairs
  • resurfacing
  • expansion/control joint rebuilding
  • stair tread restoration
  • slab leveling/bonding
How do they hold up? against:
  • UV Rays: Excellent, light stable
  • Weather: Very good, still flexible in extreme cold
  • Traffic: Excellent wear characteristics
  • Costly compared to epoxy based products
  • Fast setting is really fast, only useful on small repairs

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  1. These work great. However, you have to move fast, it starts curing right away!