Saturday, February 1, 2020

Updates and Announcements Legacy Industrial 2020

Orlando, FL - Its nothing but Big News and Achievements at Legacy Industrial Corp!!

Exciting news for concrete coatings and support products coming from Legacy Industrial in 2020!

  • Integral Color is happening
    • Color your concrete at the pour-stage
    • Water soluble bags, throw and forget
  • CounterTop Epoxy is happening
    • Small Batches
    • 1:1 Mix Ratio for easy metering
  • Printed Color Charts for DELTADYE® CONCRETE STAIN
    • Mailable to our customers
    • Directions and technical info included
  • NEW! Pre-mixed Epoxy Patch Kits!
    • One step mixing
    • Same heavy-duty strength and ease of use
  • NEW! Colors will be upgraded for NOHR-S® POLYUREA COATINGS
    • Same great product with more color choices

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